Watercolour Dot Cards – Daniel Smith + FREE Fabriano Artistico Watercolour Paper Test Pack


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Buy any Daniel Smith dot card & receive a FREE Fabriano Artistico watercolour paper test pack


If you love colour and creating, you will love painting with Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolor Dot Card Sets!

Choose between the 16 or 18 colours dot charts created with colours chosen by these artists: 16 Colours – Anders Andersson palette,  18 Colours – Laurin McCracken palette and 18 Colours – Jean Haines palette. These gorgeous test cards vary in colours, but all of them will give a small amount of watercolour paint to see if Daniel Smith’s watercolour paint is for you!

Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolor Confetti Dot Card Set – These 36 extra-large dots of DANIEL SMITH Extra Fine Watercolor that will add magic to your painting projects. Just take a wet brush, touch the watercolour dot to release the beautiful colour and you are ready to paint!

Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolor Mineral Marvels Dot Card Set – These are truly special watercolour paints, they are made from minerals, some semi-precious gemstones, that we source from all over the world, process into pigments, then mill into watercolour paints! Most have a gorgeous property called “granulation” which adds unique and exciting texture when painting that many artists call magical.

Daniel Smith 66 Dot Watercolour Card – From the current collection of Extra Fine Watercolors – the best watercolours for Artists – there is now a wonderful way for you to sample 66 of the Watercolors- the DANIEL SMITH Extra Fine Watercolor 66 Dot Try-It Color Card! These are “paint-able” dots of pure DANIEL SMITH Watercolors that you can paint out yourself to experience 66 our beautiful watercolours, that’s over 1/4 of the watercolour collection!

Daniel Smith 238 Watercolour dot Card – If you love taking a paintbrush to a new colour, painting out a stroke, watching the colour flow across your paper and experiencing the joy of a beautiful new watercolour, then you are going to enjoy this! Now you can try almost every colour in the vast and innovative line! Provided on Watercolor Paper, the 238 Watercolor Dot Chart includes the painting properties for every colour with a paintable dot you can try out for yourself!

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16 Colours - Anders AnderssonDaniel Smith Dot Cards - SmallR125.00
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18 Colours - Laurin McCrackenDaniel Smith Dot Cards - SmallR125.00
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18 Colours - Jean HainesDaniel Smith Dot Cards - SmallR125.00
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36 Colours - Confetti Mini Dot Card SetDaniel Smith Confetti Watercolour dot CardR265.00
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36 Colours - Mineral Marvel Mini Dot Card SetDaniel-Smith-Minerals-Watercolour-Dot-CardR265.00
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66 ColoursDaniel Smith 66 Watercolour Dot CardR185.00
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238 ColoursDaniel Smith 238 Watercolour Dot CardR625.00
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