Blending Coloured Pencil – Techniques

Coloured Pencil seems like a medium anyone should be able to master quite easily. It is – aside from crayons – most probably one of the first mediums you were introduced to as a child. It’s simple right – buy a set of 120 colours (how many can one possibly need anyway), get a good quality paper and TADA! You are all set to be a coloured pencil genius.

Life happened… art didn’t. Some tips to get you back in the saddle.

As some of you may know from a previous post of mine, I have only quite recently (over the past year) rekindled my love for creating art after a gap of about twenty years. Not twenty planned years of taking a break from art, but just twenty years where life happened… and art didn’t.

Electric Erasers: The Real-Life Undo Button

At Artsavingsclub we are passionate about the products we stock and equally curious about them.  This feeling is especially prevalent when two different products share the same perceived function.  Why is one more expensive?  Does it have more features or a more acclaimed brand name behind it?  Bottom line, is it really better, or is it just overpriced?