Assorted Artists Manikins

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Drawing the human figure, a hand or a horse can be a daunting experience for a beginner artist. This is where these beautiful wooden manikins become an essential aid for drawing and modelling.

The wooden male and female manikins will assist the artist when drawing the human figure in proportion. Drawing a hand is notoriously difficult, therefore having a lifelike hand with moveable joints will greatly assist in accomplishing this. This hand manikin resembles the human left hand.

A horse is such a beautiful animal, but trying to draw a live one – well that is another matter! Not only will you love to display this stunning wooden horse manikin in your studio, but because it can be positioned into the pose you would like to draw, you won’t have to worry about the horse changing position and having to start all over again!

The black magnetic 2D human manikin is fully adjustable. Just move the magnetic, plastic manikin into the desired pose and draw, rub or trace. Because the manikin is magnetic, it can be displayed on a metal or magnetic whiteboard surface.

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11.45cm, 20.32cm, 25.4cm, 30.48cm, 33cm


Magnetic 2D Human, Wooden Small, Wooden Female, Wooden Male, Wooden Hand, Wooden Horse


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