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Often used for life studies charcoal is considered very traditional. Encase it in wood and suddenly you have something much more contemporary – Derwent Charcoal Pencils! They will give you great control over your drawings but keep all those traditional charcoal effects that you love, with less mess! Set contains: 1x Light, 2x Medium, 2x Dark, 1x Tinted Charcoal White and a pencil sharpener.

Product Features:

  • Lovely compact tin containing five easy to use charcoal pencils, a white pastel pencil and a free superior quality pencil sharpener. The pencils included in the tin are 1 light, 2 medium and 2 dark charcoal pencils together with 1 white pastel pencil. Ideal for rich dramatic drawings.
  • Easier to sharpen than traditional charcoal sticks.
  • The tone is similar to graphite.
  • A combination of natural charcoal particles with the finest clays.
  • Smooth lay down and blends easily.

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