Charcoal Pencils – Soft, Medium & Hard – Cretacolor


Whether sketching, outlining or combining with pastels, there are no limits when using CRETACOLOR Charcoal Pencils.

  • Wood encased charcoal with a uniform, smooth and intense stroke
  • Available in 3 grades – soft, medium and hard
  • 7.5mm pencil with 0.38mm diameter charcoal


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Available Options:

Achieve smooth and vivid charcoal lines with the convenience of a pencil, sharpened to a fine point, a charcoal pencil is ideal for detailed work.

Made with compressed charcoal, encased in wood, Cretacolor Charcoal Pencils are perfect for rich, dark effects and precise, consistent strokes.  Ideal for drawing, sketching, hatching, and smudging with a paper blending stick.

Range of three pencils with different grades of hardness: soft, medium, and hard.

Pencil Hardness

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