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Cretacolor Chunky Graphite

Cretacolor chunky charcoal has always been popular with artists and the Cretacolor Chunky Graphite with its smooth character and chunky diameter shape is going to be just as popular. This perfect tool can be used for any drawing or sketching project and the unique size fits all hands, big and small, perfectly!

  • Chunky Graphite is an oversized, round graphite stick that produces a bold extra-soft stroke.
  • Its unique size and shape fit comfortably in the artist’s hand.
  • Ideal for large-scale drawings.
  • Application of a fixative is recommended.
  • Round sticks.
  •  18mm.
  • Length : 80mm.
  • Individually packed

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This  Chunky very dark Graphite can create impressive bold, soft black strokes and they are perfect for large-scale creations, laying down smoothly, not too hard or too soft. They are well suited to use with almost any drawing paper. This lovely product is an absolute essential for any artist, but especially for those who like creating large-scale artwork! Experience a new way to draw!

Product Description:

Extra-large round chunky graphite stick accommodates numerous techniques. Great for large scale drawings. Excellent quality – made in Austria.



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