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COPIC Ciao marker sets are the perfect introduction to professional art markers, no matter your skill level! These high-quality markers feature the same brilliant ink and double-ended style as COPIC Sketch markers, but at a more economical size.

The double-ended style boasts a Medium-Broad Chisel nib on one end and a flexible Super Brush tip on the other — perfect for making marks from fine detail to sweeping strokes. With its Super Brush, it is the perfect tool for fine arts lettering and calligraphy too. The low odour, permanent alcohol ink is great for use on virtually any drawing surface, from paper and board to wood, leather, fabric and more! Copic markers are highly blendable, low odour alcohol ink markers. They apply smoothly and mix on the surface of the paper to deliver beautiful blends. Highly durable, all the marker ranges, which include Ciao, Sketch, Classic and Wide, are refillable and feature replaceable nibs. Therefore, you only need to buy a marker once! Copic markers will not dry out if closed properly. Always place the cap back on the marker when not in use.


Copic Ink Refills are available in 358 colours and can fill a marker several times.


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Colour Disclaimer. Actual colours may vary since every computer monitor has a different capability to display colours and everyone sees these colours differently. We cannot guarantee that the colour you see accurately portrays the true colour of the product.



Available Options:

COPIC Ciao Markers 6 Piece Sets – 6 Sets: Brights, Primary, Pastels, Jewel Tones and Sea.

  • The Brights set includes Amethyst (V17), Peach (R32), Yellow (Y06), Yellowish Green (YG06), Frost Blue (B00), Process Blue (B05).
  • Primaries set includes Carmine (R37), Chrome Orange(YR04), Cadmium Yellow (Y15), Nile Green (G07), Ultramarine (B29) Blue Violet (BV08).
  • Pastels set includes Light Pink (RV21), Lilac (V04), Buttercup Yellow (Y21), Mignonette (YG11), Pthalo Blue (B23), Aqua (BG15).
  • Jewel Tones set includes (RV69), Deep Reddish Blue (BV17), (R59), (GG09) and (G29).
  • Sea set includes Cool Gray No 3 (C-3), Lime Green (G21), Ice Ocean (BG72), Light Crockery Blue (B93), Black (100) and 0 Colorless Blender.


COPIC Ciao Doodle Kits 7pc – 3 Sets: Nature, People & Rainbow – Sets include five markers and two Multiliner pens.

  • Doodle in colour with Copic Doodle kits. These fun sets have different themes and colour variations, suited to whatever you’d like to draw.
  • Nature Doodle set includes 5 markers, Light Grayish Cobalt (B95), Hydrangea Blue (BV13), Lipstick Rose (E04), Pale Lilac (V12), Spring Dim Green (G82). Plus 2 Multiliners pens, 0.3 Olive and 0.3 Wine
  • People Doodle set includes 5 markers, Caribe Cocoa (E25), Sand (E33), Egg Shell (E50), Salmon Pink (RV42), Iridescent Mauve (BV000). Plus 2 Multiliners pens, 0.3 Warm Gray and 0.3 Brown
  • Rainbow Doodle set includes 5 markers, Robin’s Egg Blue (B02), Spectrum Green (G02), Barium Yellow (Y00), Light Orange (YR02), Light Prawn (R22). Plus 2 Multiliners pens, 0.3 Black and 0.3 Cobalt


My First Copic Starter Set: 10 Coloured Markers and 2 Multiliner Pens

A complete introductory set with carefully selected colours to learn and practice basic graphic marker techniques such as shading, layering, blending and creating gradations. This starter palette allows you to complete the included illustrations, and you can then move on to create your artworks by using the Multiliners included. The mini-guide leaflet is there to support you step by step and for further details.

Set includes:

  • 10 Copic Ciao Markers.
  • 2 Copic Multiliner Pens 0.3 (Black & Sepia).
  • 1 Copic Technique Guide.
  • 8 Premium Bond Paper A6 Sheets.
  • 3 Line Art Sheets for Practice.

Colours included: Mauve Shadow (BV00), Sugared Almond Pink (RV02), Pale Pink (RV10), Barium Yellow (Y00), New Leaf (YG23), Jade Green (G00), Frost Blue (B00), Cotton Pearl (E00), Sand (E33), Cool Gray No.2 (C-2).


COPIC Ciao Marker Sets 12 Pieces – 2 Sets:

COPIC Ciao Illustration for Beginners 12 Set Markers with Book:

This is the official guidebook for beginners by popular Japanese illustrator – Babiry. Babiry started with the selection of 12 colours in the Copic markers range to illustrate and show some of her drawing approaches. Helpful hints for beginners, like how to choose your drawing material, basic drawing techniques like blurring and colour mixing, to the use of pattern in clothing; are all presented in a step by step version with colour samples.

(Ms Babiry is a Japanese manga illustrator born in Aomori, Japan. She is an illustrator who defies the boundary of analogue/digital. This multi-talented artist is involved in a wide range of activities – she is a manga artist (under the name You Iribi), an instructor at various professional schools, and she regularly appears in many magazines about illustration).

Comic Ciao set contains: 12 Copic markers / Book: A4, 68 pages (images in full colour) Colours: Pale Lavender (BV31), Light Pink (RV21), Cherry White (R000), Coral (R35), Light Reddish Yellow (YR31), Canary Yellow (Y02), Pthalo Blue (BG23), Robin’s Egg Blue (B02), Brick Beige (E31), Tea Rose (E93), Warm Gray No 2 (W-2),  Colorless Blender (0)


Ciao Basic Marker Colour Set of 12

A starter set that includes a selection of basic and primary colours, for portrait and comic illustrations we recommend adding a few skin colours. Start or expand your collection with readily curated sets with colour combinations that are suitable for blending to achieve professional results. The acrylic case keeps the markers well organized and displayed for easy navigation to help plan the perfect blends and colour schemes. Colours included: Blue Violet (BV08), Violet (V09), Shock Pink (RV04), Lipstick Red (R29), Cadmium Orange (YR07), Yellow (Y06), Yellowish Green (YG06), Forrest Green (G17), Blue Green (BG09), Ultramarine (B29), Burnt Umber (E29) and Black (100).


COPIC Ciao Marker Sets 24 Colours – 1 Set: Basic Colours

A well-balanced set with a wide variety of colour families represented also includes pale blending shades. Perfect beginner scheme for illustration and design. Colours included Mauve Shadow (BV00), Prune (BV02),  Sugared Almond Pink (RV02), Blush (R20), Lipstick Red (R29), Light Orange (YR02), Cadmium Orange (TR07), Barium Yellow (Y00), Acid-Yellow(Y08), Yellow-Green (YG03), Yellowish Green (YG06), Jade Green (G00), Emerald Green (G05), Blue Green (BG09), Coral Sea (BG23), Frost Blue(B00), Sky (B24), Ultramarine(B29), Cotton Pearl (E00), Soft Sun (E21), Burnt Umber (E29), Sepia (E37), Cool Grey No 3(C-3), Black(100).


COPIC Ciao Marker Sets 36 Colours – 5 Sets: Set A, Set B, Set C, Set D, Set E (See the long description for more information and a colour chart).

All 180 colours of Copic Ciao is equal to a combination of 36 Colour sets A, B, C, D and E.


COPIC Ciao Marker Sets 72 Colours – 2 Sets: Set A, Set B (See the long description for more information and a colour chart).

A set of 180 colours of Copic Ciao will be completed with a combination of 72 Colour set A, B and 36 Colour set E.

72 Set A = Set A and Set B of 36 Sets

72 Set B = Set C and Set D of 36 Sets


Copic-Ciao-Marker-YG41-thin • 180 Colours
• Alcohol dye ink
• Super brush & medium broad
• Round body
• Safety cap
• Application area: B4 size 2.7 sheets
• Nib exchange possible
• Ink replenishment possible


Key Features:

  • Sets of double-ended art markers
  • Replaceable chisel & brush tip ends
  • Refillable alcohol-based ink
  • Available in sets of 12, 24, 36 & 72 markers
  • Low odour, permanent ink
  • Colourless blender available separately

Perfect For:

  • Artists of all skill levels
  • Illustrators, designers & manga artists
  • Any artwork on paper, board, fabric & more
  • The ideal introduction to professional-grade markers!
  • Lettering and Calligraphy

Copic markers will not dry out if closed properly.


Ciao 72 Color Set A, Ciao 72 Color Set B, Ciao 36 Color Set A, Ciao 36 Color Set B, Ciao 36 Color Set C, Ciao 36 Color Set D, Ciao 36 Color Set E, Ciao 24 Color Set Basic, Ciao 12 Color Set Basic, Ciao My First Starter Set, Rainbow Set 7 pc, People Set 7 pc, Nature Set 7 pc, Skin Set 6 pc, Sea Set 6 pc, Primary Set 6 pc, Pastel Set 6pc, Bright Set 6 pc, Hair Set 6 pc, Jewel Tones Set 6 pc, Illustration 12 Color Set


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