Contours and Mini Blades – Princeton


A New Kind of Tool Made of Engineered Silicone and Nylon

Catalyst™ tools now come in Mini-Blades and Contours. Contours are made of stiff nylon and Mini-blades are made of flexible silicone that is heat-resistant, solvent-resistant, dishwasher safe, and approved food-safe by the FDA. These great features combined with their new shapes and convenient sizes allow for extensive creativity with cake decorating, food crafting, ceramics, plaster, and heavy acrylic media.


Catalyst™ Features

  • Fun shapes and convenient sizes
  • Heat-resistant, solvent-resistant, and dishwasher safe
  • Great for food crafting, ceramics, plaster, and heavy acrylic mediums


Styles available:

Green Contour  – C-22 | C-23 | C-24

Mint Contour – C-61 | C-62 | C-64

Grey Contour – C-81 | C-82 | C-83

Mini Blade no 1 – Flat

Mini Blade no 2 – Scraper

Mini Blade no 4 – Angle

Mini Blade no 5 – Round

Mini Blade no 6 – Long


STIFFNESSrating-5 ACRYLICrating-5 WATERCOLORrating-1 OILrating-5


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Available Options:

Contours & Mini Blades

Green Contour C-22, Green Contour C-23, Green Contour C-24, Mint Contour C-61, Mint Contour C-62, Mint Contour C-64, Grey Contour C-81, Grey Contour C-82, Grey Contour C-83, Mini Blade No1 Flat, Mini Blade No2 Scraper, Mini Blade No4 Angle, Mini Blade No5 Round, Mini Blade No6 Long


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