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These Fude pens are so versatile, every lettering, illustration, calligraphy and inking artist should have at least one!

  • The Fude pen is most commonly used for:
  • Calligraphy, lettering, sketching, outlining, inking illustrations and ink washing
  • The BIMOJI range is designed to imitate the aesthetics and weight of the traditional calligraphy brush, this range offers a hard brush tip in a variety of line widths as well as a medium-soft brush tip.
  • The NIHON -DATE KABURA # 55 is a double-sided hard and soft brush tip pen for lettering, outlining and illustration.
  • The CHU-JI # 60 and 61 offers gold and silver pigment ink for calligraphy, lettering and decoration.
  • The CHU-JI # 22 is a medium brush tip perfect for calligraphy and lettering in black ink.
  • The GOKUBOSO # 24 is a fine brush tip perfect for detail work, fine lettering and illustration in black ink.
  • Item DT140-13C is a fine polyester bristle nib for creating varying widths of strokes from broad to very fine in black ink.

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Bimoju Fude Pen, Bimoju Fude Brush Pen, Fudegokochi Fude Pen, Nihon-Date Kabura Fude Pen, Chu-Ji Fude Pen, Gokuboso Fude Pen, Fude Pen, Takujo Fude Pen, Spare Cartridge


Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, Large, Black, No. 55 Twin Tip, Gold No. 60, Silver No. 61, No.22, No. 24, Poly Nib Brush with Refill, No 8, Cambio Medium, No 22,24,25,26, Cambio


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