Maimeri Puro Oil Paint Mediums


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Maimeri Puro has 2 oil mediums especially made to be used with their Maimeri Puro oil paints. Made with pure Safflower and Poppyseed oil, these mediums are crystal clear, transparent and lightfast.

Safflower oil is used to thin and confer elasticity to the colours when mixing on a palette and increases the sheen of the tints without affecting the tone. Poppyseed oil is extracted and refined, it is a valuable oil which does not yellow and dries slowly. It is particularly suited for white and very light colours.

Both these mediums contain these valuable oils and will greatly enhance the oil paints used.


Medium Colourless Clear Oil 700 40ml

The colourless medium is used to deconcentrate the colours during processing on the palette, emphasizes the undertone of the colours without intervening in the cleanliness and brightness of the tint.


Medium Colourless Coarse Clear Oil 703 40ml

This colourless medium is used to thin the colours and increase the particle size of the pictorial paste. It emphasizes the undertone of the colours without intervening in the cleaning and brightness of the tint.


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Maimeri offers 83 colours in perfect equilibrium, each formulated with a single pigment to retain purity and stability over time. Created to obtain a colour palette of unparalleled depth and impeccable tonal shades. The highest degree of pigment purity and quality. The best non-yellowing safflower and poppy seed oils are used along with stable pigments and no additives to produce the perfect oil paint. The buttery smooth colours are a single pigment to ensure a clean blend with stunning brilliance. perfect for impasto.




Medium Colourless 40ml, Medium Colourless Raw 40ml


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