Waterproof Fabric Medium – Dala


Dala 250ml Waterproofing Medium is a colourless fabric medium that makes most fabrics waterproof. Use it to protect and waterproof that special piece of fabric.

May be used on natural and synthetic fabrics. It acts as a textile podge and is ideal for decoupage on fabric. When using delicate materials for decoupage, remember to use a soft brush as harder bristle brushes can damage wet and often fragile materials.

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Dala  Waterproofing Medium may be used on natural and synthetic fabrics to render them waterproof.

First test the medium on a sample swatch to test compatibility. Shake the container well before using.

Allow the fabric paint or other mediums used to dry thoroughly.

Apply a layer of waterproof medium over the fabric with a paintbrush, roller or sponge.

Let the waterproof medium dry thorougly.

Heat set at 130 to 150 C- if using an iron, make use of a medium setting for 3 minutes on the reverse side of the garment or fabric.

If the heat setting was done correctly, the fabric can be washed or dry cleaned.

  •  Clean up using warm, soapy water.




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