Modelling Clay Pasta Machine – Cernit


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Solid and compact, the Cernit Modelling Clay Pasta Machine is an essential tool for polymer clay players as the pasta machine allows you to create sheets of a consistent thickness and perfectly blended colour gradients. With up to 10 different thickness levels, the possibilities are endless!

Made in Italy by pasta machine specialists, this chrome plated steel model has a robust design for intensive use. It’s provided with an ergonomic handle and a clamp to secure the machine on your bench when working.

Product features:

  • Content : 1 pasta machine, 1 crank & 1 clamp.
  • Steel construction; solid and compact.
  • Rollers width: 180 mm.
  • 10 thickness settings (from 0.6 mm to 2.5 mm).


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Finish Glass Kit – Cernit


The Finish Glass Kit is a two-component epoxy resin that will give your creations a crystalline finish and a transparency similar to glass. This casting epoxy resin does not require any baking and will be hard as glass after only 12  to 24 hours depending on the size and thickness of your creation as well as on humidity and the temperature.

To create your own pieces with resin, the Kit Cernit Finish Glass holds 2 ingredients: a resin and a hardener. Once mixed, they react together and start to harden after 15 minutes. It is therefore important to realize just the amount you will use as the mixture will not keep if not used. This kit is particularly appreciated because the bubbles disappear by themselves after only 2 minutes of rest.

Neither bubbles nor irregularities, your work has a perfectly flat and glossy surface, just like glass!

Product features:

  • 2 part epoxy resin with a glass-like finish.
  • Suitable for all types of surfaces: polymer clay, stone, cardboard, plaster, ceramic, metal and more.
  • This resin is particularly appreciated because the bubbles disappear by themselves after only 2 minutes of rest.
  • Set contains: 1 x 120 ml Epoxy resin, 1 x 60 ml Hardener, 1 x measuring cup, 2 x plastic gloves, 1 x wooden stick to prepare the mixture, 1 x manual with different techniques.

View how to use the Finish Glass Kit.

Attention! It is important to wear gloves when using. The resin is very sticky.


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Sparkling Mica Powder – Cernit


Cernit Sparkling powders are coloured mica and glass powders that can be applied with a brush or your finger on polymer clay to create special effects. These powders are available in 3 categories –  Duo, Diamond & Interference – each with their own spectacular effect.

Duo powder reflects two different colors, depending on the viewing angle. In the Cernit Sparkling Duo colors, the powder appears uncolored. When applied to white surfaces, the color appears as white or pearl but if applied to a darker surface, you’ll see two colors reflected. Interference colors, much like the Duo range, are white (uncolored) mica powder that appears clear in the jar or on light surfaces but on dark surfaces, you will see a color reflected. With the Interference, however, you will only see one colour reflected. The Diamond range has colors quite similar to the Interference colors, but the particle size is larger and the effect is much shinier. The larger particles provide more sheer coverage and a glittery, sparkly appearance. Several, but not all, of the Diamond colors match those in the Interference range. The Diamond range is made from synthetic mica, which explains its brilliant reflection.


Product features:

  • Available in 15 colours across 3 ranges: Duo (Lapis Sunlight, Viola Fantasy, Tropic Sunrise, Arctic Fire & Pacific Lagoon);  Interference (Gold, Blue, Red, Green & Violet); Diamond (Gold, Silver, Blue, Red & Violet).
  • Easily applied with your finger or a brush to the raw clay.
  • Once baked in the oven, for the time indicated, use varnish to protect your powder.
  • Epoxy resin such as the glassifier Cernit Kit Finish Glass creates a 3D effect.
  • Powders can be mixed with various mediums (varnish, paint, self-hardening modeling clay, gesso, acrylic medium, vinyl glue, etc.) to create many effects.
  • The powders can also be mixed together to create your own colors and your own iridescent, pearlescent or metallic effects.
  • Available in 5g tubs.


Images & Colour Chart below showcase the Sparkling Powders applied to a light surface (left) vs a dark surface (right).


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View Colour Chart

Colour Disclaimer. Actual colours may vary since every computer monitor has a different capability to display colours and everyone sees these colours differently. We cannot guarantee that the colour you see accurately portrays the true colour of the product.


Please note, we do not stock the Metallic range.


Pearl Polymer Clay – Cernit

Pearl Polymer Clay - Cernit

NEW Colours Available!

iscover the Cernit Pearl colours with an incomparable sparkle. It will blow your mind!  Once sanded and polished, the pieces are very shiny, as if they were varnished.

The Cernit Pearl range is available in 56-gram packages and in 7 colours that can be mixed (and with the other Cernit ranges: Number One, Translucent, Metallic, etc.)  The following colours are available: Black, Pink, Green, Violet, Magenta, Blue and Pearl White.

Directions for baking:
Do not bake the clay in the microwave.   It must be baked in an oven at 110-130 ° C for 30 minutes.  Cernit polymer clay can be baked several times. If after finishing you want to add decorative elements such as buttons, butterflies or other forms created using silicone moulds, the completed piece can be baked again in the oven with the new elements.

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Picture Holder – Cernit


Give a practical side to your creations and small figurines in Cernit polymer clay! The photo holder is a good idea of creation, simple to create and an easy gift idea. This accessory is baked with your polymer clay object. Each bag holds 4 different stainless steel shapes: heart, star, square and round.


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Jewelry Accessories – Cernit

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Please note these accessories are being discontinued. This is the last stock available!


These high quality tin-silver pendant- and earring- moulds are the perfect accessory to create beautiful jewellery. They are especially ideal for use with polymer clay as they can be baked together to secure the clay. Create fun and unique pieces with these moulds!

Product features:

  • Tin silver-finish 925 bright.
  • Three different sets of pendants and earrings.
  • Handmade in France.
  • Does not contain nickel.
  • Do not bake at more than 130 degrees.
  • Not suitable for children under 8 years.


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Silicone Moulds – Cernit


Small silicone moulds to preform your creations made of polymer clay or self-hardening clay. The silicone moulds are very flexible, allowing the easy release of your creations. Can be baked in the oven with the Cernit polymer clay, so you do not deform your project.
For self-hardening clays: wait until fully dry before removing from the mould.


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Glue – Cernit


Baking glue for raw and baked polymer clay. With the Cernit Glue, it is possible to glue both unbaked and baked clay. After applying this glue, the glued object must be baked in the oven at 130 degrees for 30 minutes. It can also be used to glue polymer clay onto other surfaces, porous or non-porous, such as glass, wood and many more materials.

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Polymer Clay Varnish – Cernit


For your creations with Cernit polymer clay, use the appropriate varnish from the same brand! This water-based varnish has to be baked to be able to protect your figurines, jewellery or other creations from any scratches or hits. The matt varnish keeps the matt finish of the Cernit Number One while protecting the clay. Damages will be prevented and irregularities such as finger marks will disappear. For a bright result without having the tedious work of sanding and polishing, the glossy varnish is perfect. The Cernit varnish has a flawless finish without any bubbles!

The Cernit clay can be varnished with the varnish of the same brand, matt or glossy, which is specially made for the clay. This water-based varnish is totally clear after drying and once baked, it prevents any damage from hits or scratches. The varnish is waterproof.

How to use the varnish for polymer clay Cernit.
Blend the varnish before using. The water-based varnish has to be applied on a polymer clay which is baked and degreased with alcohol. It is used with a thin bristled brush. As soon as the clay is covered with varnish, the drying time has to be one hour. Drying time should be carefully watched between different layers. Your result will be perfect if you apply 2 or 3 layers. Once it is dry to the touch, bake it once again at 110°C in a domestic and preheated oven for 15 minutes. Leave it to cool down for 48 hours to get the best possible hardness. When you are done working with the varnish, material and brushes can be cleaned with water.

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Texture Plates – Cernit


Cernit products include 20 beautiful texture plates with various patterns to print your creations. From geometric motifs with Indian motifs to floral patterns, texture plates are popular among many clay artists. This multiplies your possibilities of achievements especially for jewels and decorative objects. Their use is so simple, yet the result so beautiful!

Why spend hours modelling a pattern while pressure on your clay with the texture plate is enough to get a complex and detailed pattern?

They are based on vulcanized natural rubber which is obtained from latex. For people with a latex allergy, the use of these structural plates is not recommended.
The texture plates are 9 cm squares. To clean them just use a little water and soap.

The detailed patterns provide a beautiful and complex result.  Due to the flexibility, unmoulding is easy!


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