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Cernit Sparkling powders are coloured mica and glass powders that can be applied with a brush or your finger on polymer clay to create special effects. These powders are available in 3 categories –  Duo, Diamond & Interference – each with their own spectacular effect.

Duo powder reflects two different colors, depending on the viewing angle. In the Cernit Sparkling Duo colors, the powder appears uncolored. When applied to white surfaces, the color appears as white or pearl but if applied to a darker surface, you’ll see two colors reflected. Interference colors, much like the Duo range, are white (uncolored) mica powder that appears clear in the jar or on light surfaces but on dark surfaces, you will see a color reflected. With the Interference, however, you will only see one colour reflected. The Diamond range has colors quite similar to the Interference colors, but the particle size is larger and the effect is much shinier. The larger particles provide more sheer coverage and a glittery, sparkly appearance. Several, but not all, of the Diamond colors match those in the Interference range. The Diamond range is made from synthetic mica, which explains its brilliant reflection.


Product features:

  • Available in 15 colours across 3 ranges: Duo (Lapis Sunlight, Viola Fantasy, Tropic Sunrise, Arctic Fire & Pacific Lagoon);  Interference (Gold, Blue, Red, Green & Violet); Diamond (Gold, Silver, Blue, Red & Violet).
  • Easily applied with your finger or a brush to the raw clay.
  • Once baked in the oven, for the time indicated, use varnish to protect your powder.
  • Epoxy resin such as the glassifier Cernit Kit Finish Glass creates a 3D effect.
  • Powders can be mixed with various mediums (varnish, paint, self-hardening modeling clay, gesso, acrylic medium, vinyl glue, etc.) to create many effects.
  • The powders can also be mixed together to create your own colors and your own iridescent, pearlescent or metallic effects.
  • Available in 5g tubs.


Images & Colour Chart below showcase the Sparkling Powders applied to a light surface (left) vs a dark surface (right).


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Colour Disclaimer. Actual colours may vary since every computer monitor has a different capability to display colours and everyone sees these colours differently. We cannot guarantee that the colour you see accurately portrays the true colour of the product.


Please note, we do not stock the Metallic range.


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