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Cernit products include 20 beautiful texture plates with various patterns to print your creations. From geometric motifs with Indian motifs to floral patterns, texture plates are popular among many clay artists. This multiplies your possibilities of achievements especially for jewels and decorative objects. Their use is so simple, yet the result so beautiful!

Why spend hours modelling a pattern while pressure on your clay with the texture plate is enough to get a complex and detailed pattern?

They are based on vulcanized natural rubber which is obtained from latex. For people with a latex allergy, the use of these structural plates is not recommended.
The texture plates are 9 cm squares. To clean them just use a little water and soap.

The detailed patterns provide a beautiful and complex result.  Due to the flexibility, unmoulding is easy!


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How to use your Cernit texture plates.

Several techniques are common to exploit the pattern of texture plates:

Impress of textures: for this technique, place the texture plate on the clay once it has been rolled or passed through the pasta machine. When positioned, press firmly on the stainless steel roller or with the palm of your hand as evenly as possible. Peel off the plate and see the pattern appear!

Sutton slice: Using small pieces of Cernit, fill the drawings with the plate. Then use the soft blade to remove the excess clay, in the same way, that the excess is removed from a silicone mould. Do not use a rigid blade to avoid damaging your plate.

Once you have carefully removed the excess, place a sheet of Cernit against the plate. For a more beautiful effect, use a colour that contrasts with the Cernit used to fill the patterns. Turn everything over, press firmly and evenly on the plate so that both pastes adhere. Gently remove the plate making sure everything has well adhered to. The result you get is unique: the entire design of the plate is embossed!

For even easier release, you can put a little talc on your plate.


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Texture Plates

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