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The perfect accessory to create beautiful jewellery. Use these tin-silver moulds with Metallic or Nature clay for special effects. Translucent, Opaline, you can use any or all of the clay to create stunning jewellery. Also, have a look at the texture plates, it can be used to create unique surfaces for your jewellery.

  • Tin silver-finish 925 bright – higher quality.
  • Three different sets of pendants and earrings.
  • Handmade in France.
  • Does not contain nickel.
  • Do not bake at more than 130 degrees.
  • Not suitable for children under 8 years.


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Cernit-Long-oval-pendant-CE95201Long Oval Pendant (39 x 10mm)R229.001 in Stock.
Cernit-Triangular-pendant-CE95202Triangular Pendant (26 x 17 x 19mm)R189.001 in Stock.
Cernit-Three-circle-pendant-CE95203Three-circle Pendant (46 x 13mm)R375.001 in Stock.
Cernit-Three-circle-pendant-CE95204Three-circle Pendant (27 x 11mm)R199.001 in Stock.
Cernit-Three-circle-pendant-CE95205Three-circle Pendant (50 x 19mm)R415.001 in Stock.
Cernit-Three-circle-earrings-CE95206Three-circle Earrings (27 x 11mm)R385.001 in Stock.
Cernit-Triangular-earrings-CE95207Triangular Earrings (26 x 17 x 19mm)R385.001 in Stock.
Cernit-Earrings-Long-Oval-CE95208Earrings Long Oval (39 x 10mm)R499.001 in Stock.


Long Oval Pendant (39 x 10mm), Triangular Pendant (26 x 17 x 19mm), Three-circle Pendant (46 x 13mm), Three-circle Pendant (27 x 11mm), Three-circle Pendant (50 x 19mm), Three-circle Earrings (27 x 11mm), Triangular Earrings (26 x 17 x 19mm), Earrings Long Oval (39 x 10mm)


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