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As the final part of the process, you need a varnish to seal and protect your finished work from dirt, dust and UV damage. Protect your acrylic and oil pieces with a transparent, gloss acrylic layer which can be removed to clean away surface dirt. Soluvar archival removable gloss varnish for acrylics and oils is a unique formula designed to trap dirt and protect your painted surfaces from damage. As a removable varnish, you can lift the dirt away by periodic cleaning.

Gloss Medium provides a buffer coat that protects the paint film against abrasion during future Soluvar removal for cleaning. Soluvar is a mineral spirit-based varnish that adds a gloss sheen, provides final UV varnish protection and resists dirt retention. You can use all Liquitex Soluvar removable varnishes on oil paintings as these are solvent-based.

Liquitex Gloss, High Gloss & Matt Varnishes are archival permanent, 100% acrylic polymer, varnishes that add either a gloss or matt sheen, protects and resists dirt retention. Seal your acrylic work with a transparent, glossy or matte acrylic layer that is breathable, permanent and protects against UV damage. Can be used with acrylic paints and mediums and on all acrylic surfaces.

Product features:

  • Semi-opaque when wet, dries clear to a flexible, non-tacky, hard surface.
  • Increases brightness and colour saturation.
  • Adjusts and unifies surface sheen.
  • Improves surface durability – ideal when shipping or exhibiting.
  • Protects colours from UV light damage.
  • Resists discolouration – yellowing and fogging – caused by humidity, heat and UV.
  • Depending on the substrate it allows surface moisture to pass through and breathe.
  • Soluvar Gloss Varish allows for easy cleaning without fear of damaging the acrylic paint film.
  • Has excellent levelling properties – will not hold brush marks.
  • Use flexible or rigid supports.
  • Designed for interior and exterior use.
  • Available in 118ml & 237ml bottles.


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Soluvar Gloss Varnish, Matte Varnish, Gloss Varnish, High Gloss Varnish

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