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Mastering the use of alcohol inks does take time and practice, but that is just the fun part of it! Fast-drying Paper Mill ink colours are bright and vibrant and can be used on nearly all non-porous surfaces. The colours are permanent and acid-free.

Mixing colours is easy when using the Paper Mill Blending Solution and with so many colours to play with – why not create more wonderful colours!

Single colours: Amethyst, Black Rock, Citrus, Emerald, Earth, Lavender, Leaf, Magenta, Mandarin, Poppy, Sapphire, Storm, Turquoise, Ultramarine, Winter Lake.

8 Piece Brights: Citrus, Mandarin, Poppy, Blending Solution x2, Rose Quartz, Leaf and Sapphire.

8 Piece Dark & Stormy: Amethyst, Storm, Ruby, Blending Solution x2, Slate, Earth and Black Rock.


  • Available in single colour 20ml squeeze bottles and 2 different 8 piece assorted set options.

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The-Paper-Mill-Alcohol-Inks-20ml-AmethystAmethystR75.005 in Stock.
The-Paper-Mill-Alcohol-Inks-20ml-Black-RockBlack RockR75.006 in Stock.
The-Paper-Mill-Alcohol-Inks-20ml-CitrusCitrusR75.003 in Stock.
The-Paper-Mill-Alcohol-Inks-20ml-EmeraldEmeraldR75.005 in Stock.
The-Paper-Mill-Alcohol-Inks-20ml-EarthEarthR75.005 in Stock.
The-Paper-Mill-Alcohol-Inks-20ml-LavenderLavenderR75.006 in Stock.
The-Paper-Mill-Alcohol-Inks-20ml-LeafLeafR75.001 in Stock.
The-Paper-Mill-Alcohol-Inks-20ml-MagentaMagentaR75.005 in Stock.
The-Paper-Mill-Alcohol-Inks-20ml-MandarinMandarinR75.004 in Stock.
The-Paper-Mill-Alcohol-Inks-20ml-PoppyPoppyR75.005 in Stock.
The-Paper-Mill-Alcohol-Inks-20ml-SapphireSapphireR75.003 in Stock.
The-Paper-Mill-Alcohol-Inks-20ml-StormStormR75.003 in Stock.
The-Paper-Mill-Alcohol-Inks-20ml-TurquoiseTurquoiseR75.006 in Stock.
The-Paper-Mill-Alcohol-Inks-20ml-UltramarineUltramarineR75.003 in Stock.
The-Paper-Mill-Alcohol-Inks-20ml-Winter-LakeWinter LakeR75.006 in Stock.
The-Paper-Mill-Alcohol-Inks-20ml-Blending-SolutionBlending SolutionR75.00Sorry, we're Out of Stock!
Out of Stock
The-Paper-Mill-Alcohol-Inks-Brights-Starter-kit8 Piece Set - BrightsR515.00Sorry, we're Out of Stock!
Out of Stock
The-Paper-Mill-Alcohol-Inks-Dark-and-Stormy-Starter-kit8 Piece Set - Dark & StormyR515.002 in Stock.

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