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The Kum Black Widow sharpener is the perfect short cone pencil sharpener for highly porous and powdery leads. The Black Widow allows you to produce a round and pointed tip by simply removing and inserting the innovative tip former. When in place, it sharpens a short round point. When removed it sharpens to a short sharp point. It also assists in keeping the cutting blade clean.

Great for pastel or soft pencils where a rounder point is desired.  The Black Widow is easy to hold with it’s ergonomic and unusual design, and the red tip former can be used to clean the sharpener without damaging the blade.

The Black Widow sharpener can also be used for cosmetic pencils. Note that this sharpener fits normal diameter pencils.  Larger diameter pencils, such as Derwent pastels, may not fit.

Product features:

  • Single blade sharpener with transparent lid.
  • Clear view of pencil point during sharpening.
  • Plastic housing contains shavings and is easy to remove and clean.
  • Ideal for pastel and/or soft pencils.
  • Innovative, removeable TipFormer.
  • Short Round or Short Sharp Points.
  • Sharpens pencils with a diameter of up to 7mm.

Please note: Pencils are not included (Images are for illustrative purposes only).


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Although this sharpener could be suitable for pastel and chalk-based pencils, please bare in mind that pastel and chalk-based pencils do wear out the blades of sharpeners significantly faster than other pencils. Replace blades regularly for best results.


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Made in Germany.

Founded in 1919, Kum is the oldest producer of sharpeners in the world. They pride themselves on what sets them apart from other manufacturers – carbon-steel instead of inox steel, magnesium instead of aluminium or cast metals, and extremely high quality curved blades.


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