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The Derwent Coloursoft Pencil is Derwent’s softest pencil ever. Its smooth, velvety strip of colour can be mixed and blended to create an infinite range of vibrant colours! Perfect for artists who appreciate a soft-textured pencil which will allow them to lay down solid blocks of vibrant colour or build up several layers.

Alternatively, the tip can be sharpened to a fine point to allow for more detailed work. These pencils are acid-free, tested for lightfastness and an excellent addition to any colour artist’s collection!


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Colour Disclaimer. Actual colours may vary since every computer monitor has a different capability to display colours and everyone sees these colours differently. We cannot guarantee that the colour you see accurately portrays the true colour of the product.

LF – Lightfastness rating (6 – GOOD, 7 – VERY GOOD, 8 – EXCELLENT)
Derwent uses the Blue Wool test (ISO 105) to evaluate lightfastness. Lightfastness refers to the chemical stability of a pigment under long exposure to light.
A scale of 1-8 is obtained, with values of 6 or higher being considered to be highly lightfast and, under museum conditions, will not fade for 100+ years.

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Vegan-friendly product.

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ImageColoursoft Pencil ColoursPriceStockQuantityAdd to Cart
Derwent_Coloursoft_Cream_C010Cream (C010) - LF 8R35.0013 in Stock.
Derwent_Coloursoft_AcidYellow_C020Acid Yellow (C020) - LF 6R35.008 in Stock.
Derwent_Coloursoft_LemonYellow_C030Lemon Yellow (C030) - LF 8R35.0011 in Stock.
Derwent_Coloursoft_DeepCadmiumYellow_C040Deep Cadmium (C040) - LF 6/7R35.004 in Stock.
Derwent_Coloursoft_YellowOchre_C050Yellow Ochre (C050) - LF 8R35.0011 in Stock.
Derwent_Coloursoft_PaleOrange_C060Pale Orange (C060) - LF 6/7R35.0011 in Stock.
Derwent_Coloursoft_Orange_C070Orange (C070) - LF 6R35.007 in Stock.
Derwent_Coloursoft_BrightOrange_C080Bright Orange (C080) - LF 6/7R35.008 in Stock.
Derwent_Coloursoft_BloodOrange_C090Blood Orange (C090) - LF 7R35.006 in Stock.
Derwent_Coloursoft_Rose_C100Rose (C100) - LF 7R35.008 in Stock.
Derwent_Coloursoft_Scarlet_C110Scarlet (C110) - LF 8R35.006 in Stock.
Derwent_Coloursoft_Red_C120Red (C120) - LF 7R35.003 in Stock.
Derwent_Coloursoft_DeepRed_C130Deep Red (C130) - LF 4R35.0010 in Stock.
Derwent_Coloursoft_DeepFuchsia_C140Deep Fuschia (C140) - LF 2R35.009 in Stock.
Derwent_Coloursoft_Cranberry_C150Cranberry (C150) - LF 4R35.007 in Stock.
Derwent_Coloursoft_Loganberry_C160Loganberry (C160) - LF 4R35.005 in Stock.
Derwent_Coloursoft_SoftPink_C170Soft Pink (C170) - LF 3R35.0013 in Stock.
Derwent_Coloursoft_BlushPink_C180Blush Pink (C180) - LF 5R35.008 in Stock.
Derwent_Coloursoft_Pink_C190Pink (C190) - LF 1R35.0010 in Stock.
Derwent_Coloursoft_BrightPink_C200Bright Pink (C200) - LF 5R35.005 in Stock.
Derwent_Coloursoft_PinkLavender_C210Lavender Pink (C210) - LF 3R35.0010 in Stock.
Derwent_Coloursoft_GreyLavender_C220Grey Lavender (C220) - LF 8R35.006 in Stock.
Derwent_Coloursoft_PaleLavender_C230Pale Lavender (C230) - LF 8R35.0011 in Stock.
Derwent_Coloursoft_BrightPurple_C240Bright Purple (C240) - LF 5/6R35.006 in Stock.
Derwent_Coloursoft_Purple_C250Purple (C250) - LF 3R35.004 in Stock.
Derwent_Coloursoft_BrightLilac_C260Bright Lilac (C260) - LF 3R35.009 in Stock.
Derwent_Coloursoft_RoyalPurple_C270Royal Purple (C270) - LF 4R35.007 in Stock.
Derwent_Coloursoft_Blackberry_C280Blackberry (C280) - LF 5R35.001 in Stock.
Derwent_Coloursoft_Ultramarine_C290Ultramarine (C290) - LF 8R35.009 in Stock.
Derwent_Coloursoft_Indigo_C300Indigo (C300) - LF 8R35.0012 in Stock.
Derwent_Coloursoft_PrussianBlue_C310Prussian Blue (C310) - LF 8R35.0010 in Stock.
Derwent_Coloursoft_ElectricBlue_C320Electric Blue (C320) - LF 8R35.003 in Stock.
Derwent_Coloursoft_Blue_C330Blue (C330) - LF 5R35.004 in Stock.
Derwent_Coloursoft_BabyBlue_C340Baby Blue (C340) - LF 1R35.007 in Stock.
Derwent_Coloursoft_IcedBlue_C350Iced Blue (C350) - LF 8R35.007 in Stock.
Derwent_Coloursoft_CloudBlue_C360Cloud Blue (C360) - LF 1R35.005 in Stock.
Derwent_Coloursoft_PaleBlue_C370Pale Blue (C370) - LF 8R35.0012 in Stock.
Derwent_Coloursoft_SeaGreen_C380Sea Green (C380) - LF 6/7R35.008 in Stock.
Derwent_Coloursoft_GreyGreen_C390Grey Green (C390) - LF 4R35.002 in Stock.
Derwent_Coloursoft_MidGreen_C400Mid Green (C400) - LF 8R35.003 in Stock.
Derwent_Coloursoft_DarkGreen_C410Dark Green (C410) - LF 8R35.008 in Stock.
Derwent_Coloursoft_Green_C420Green (C420) - LF 7R35.004 in Stock.
Derwent_Coloursoft_PeaGreen_C430Pea Green (C430) - LF 8R35.0011 in Stock.
Derwent_Coloursoft_LightGreen_C440Light Green (C440) - LF 7R35.006 in Stock.
Derwent_Coloursoft_YellowGreen_C450Yellow Green (C450) - LF 5R35.0010 in Stock.
Derwent_Coloursoft_LimeGreen_C460Lime Green (C460) - LF 7R35.0011 in Stock.
Derwent_Coloursoft_Mint_C470Mint (C470) - LF 6R35.007 in Stock.
Derwent_Coloursoft_LincolnGreen_C480Lincoln Green (C480) - LF 8R35.006 in Stock.
Derwent_Coloursoft_PaleMint_C490Pale Mint (C490) - LF 5R35.003 in Stock.
Derwent_Coloursoft_LichenGreen_C500Lichen Green (C500) - LF 8R35.0011 in Stock.
Derwent_Coloursoft_Brown_C510Brown (C510) - LF 8R35.009 in Stock.
Derwent_Coloursoft_DarkBrown_C520Dark Brown (C520) - LF 8R35.0011 in Stock.
Derwent_Coloursoft_PaleBrown_C530Pale Brown (C530) - LF 8R35.0012 in Stock.
Derwent_Coloursoft_Pimento_C540Pimento (C540) - LF 8R35.006 in Stock.
Derwent_Coloursoft_Ginger_C550Ginger (C550) - LF 8R35.005 in Stock.
Derwent_Coloursoft_Peach_C560Peach (C560) - LF 8R35.0011 in Stock.
Derwent_Coloursoft_PalePeach_C570Pale Peach (C570) - LF 8R35.003 in Stock.
Derwent_Coloursoft_LightSand_C580Light Sand (C580) - LF 6/7R35.008 in Stock.
Derwent_Coloursoft_Ochre_C590Ochre (C590) - LF 8R35.003 in Stock.
Derwent_Coloursoft_MidBrown_C600Mid Brown (C600) - LF 8R35.002 in Stock.
Derwent_Coloursoft_DarkTerracotta_C610Dark Terracotta (C610) - LF 8R35.007 in Stock.
Derwent_Coloursoft_MidTerracotta_C620Mid Terracotta (C620) - LF 8R35.003 in Stock.
Derwent_Coloursoft_BrownEarth_C630Brown Earth (C630) - LF 8R35.004 in Stock.
Derwent_Coloursoft_BrownBlack_C640Brown Black (C640) - LF 8R35.004 in Stock.
Derwent_Coloursoft_Black_C650Black (C650) - LF 8R35.0012 in Stock.
Derwent_Coloursoft_PersianGrey_C660Persian Grey (C660) - LF 6R35.0011 in Stock.
Derwent_Coloursoft_DoveGrey_C670Dove Grey (C670) - LF 8R35.009 in Stock.
Derwent_Coloursoft_PetrelGrey_C680Petrol Grey (C680) - LF 6/7R35.007 in Stock.
Derwent_Coloursoft_SteelGrey_C690Steel Grey (C690) - LF 6R35.0011 in Stock.
Derwent_Coloursoft_MidGrey_C700Mid Grey (C700) - LF 7R35.009 in Stock.
Derwent_Coloursoft_WhiteGrey_C710White Grey (C710) - LF 8R35.00Sorry, we're Out of Stock!
Out of Stock
Derwent_Coloursoft_White_C720White (C720) - LF 8R35.0012 in Stock.

Coloursoft Pencil Colours

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