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Pencil extenders help you use every last piece of your pencils. This set includes a silver extender for pencils of up to 8mm, including Derwent Pastel-, Coloursoft- and Artist’s Pencils. The black extender is for pencils of up to 7mm, such as Derwent Graphic-, Watercolour- and Studio Pencils. In other words, most of your pencils can be extended with one of the two. The screw fitting makes for a secure hold of the pencil and the grip is comfortable thanks to the special coating on the barrel. Prolong the life and use of your pencils with these handy extenders.

Available in a pack containing one of each size.


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1 review for Pencil Extenders – Derwent

  1. Azariah

    Pencil extenders are a must have for an artist. It saves a lot of pencil as a pencil can reach about 3cm before throwing it out. The silver extender fits the broader pencils, while the black one fits average pencils. I found these to be very heavy, and bought another extender from Artsavingsclub in a different brand which is lighter and thinner and a dream to work with.

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