Copic Maniacs 1 Manga Illustration Colouring & Materials Instruction Book


This informative book helps Copic artists of all levels. It contains the step-by-step techniques and tutorials to master Copic colouring skills. Secret tips and tricks are disclosed by acclaimed illustrators Toru Terada and Garu Okada. Full of gorgeous Copic illustrations, it also contains the line drawings for practising colouring (English version).

The book has two chapters on various techniques used on different types of paper. It includes an introduction of materials used for colouring an illustration and highlights the importance of colour planning. Easy step-by-step illustrations offer help on gradation techniques to give your work a more three-dimensional effect.


Product features:

  • A4 size.
  • 48 Printed pages with 2 chapters.
  • Softcover.
  • Includes the Copic colour chart.


Please note: this book is not available in a digital version.

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