Copic Marker Replacement Nibs

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Renew your Copic marker nibs when worn down or dirty. A quick and easy process when using tweezers. Please note that the nibs used in Copic Sketch and Ciao are different from Copic Classic.

View the long description below to see the full range of nibs available.

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Copic Classic Nib Options
Brush Nib (3pc) Copic Classic Assortment Nib (9pc) Copic Classic Calligraphy 3mm Nib (10pc) Copic Classic Calligraphy 5mm Nib (10pc) Copic Classic Semi Broad Nib (10pc) Copic Classic
Soft Broad Nib (10pc) Copic Classic Standard Fine Nib (10pc) Copic Classic Standard Broad Nib (10pc) Copic Classic Super Fine Nib (10pc) Copic Classic Round Nib (10pc) Copic Classic
Copic Sketch Nib Options
Fine Nib (3pc) Copic Sketch Medium Broad Nib (10pc) Copic Sketch Super Brush Nib (3pc) Copic Sketch
Copic Ciao Nib Options
Medium Broad Nib (10pc) Copic Ciao Super Brush Nib (3pc) Copic Ciao
Copic Wide Nib Options
Calligraphy 18mm Nib (2pc) Copic Wide Extra Broad Nib (2pc) Copic Wide

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Copic Nib Options

Brush Nib (3pc) Copic Classic, Assortment Nib (9pc) Copic Classic, Calligraphy 3mm Nib (10pc) Copic Classic, Calligraphy 5mm Nib (10pc) Copic Classic, Semi Broad Nib (10pc) Copic Classic, Soft Broad Nib (10pc) Copic Classic, Standard Fine Nib (10pc) Copic Classic, Standard Broad Nib (10pc) Copic Classic, Super Fine Nib (10pc) Copic Classic, Round Nib (10pc) Copic Classic, Fine Nib (3pc) Copic Sketch, Medium Broad Nib (10pc) Copic Sketch / Ciao, Super Brush Nib (3pc) Copic Sketch / Ciao, Calligraphy 18mm Nib (2pc) Copic Wide, Extra Broad Nib (2pc) Copic Wide

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  1. Steamed Rabbit (verified owner)

    I got the 3 brush nib set to replace the broad nib of my Classic marker. Best decision ever.

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