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Soft, creamy pencils ideal for wildlife drawings, nature studies and portraiture. Derwent Drawing Pencils are 8 mm in diameter with soft, thick, round leads that have a creamy consistency, making it easy to apply and produce a rich, velvety finish on the paper. The soft, extra wide 5 mm strip is ideal for blending and encourages loose, expressive drawings with subtle tonal transitions.

Colours can be quickly laid down in wide to thin applications. With regards to lightfastness, of the 24 Derwent Drawing Coloured pencil colours, 23 are rated 8 and only one, Ink Blue is rated 7 in the lightfast rating (A rating of 8 is the highest rating and anything below 6 is considered to not be lightfast).

Responding to popular demand, Derwent expanded its initial range of six earthy colours, first introduced in 1986, into a glorious palette of 24 subtle shades


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Colour Disclaimer. Actual colours may vary since every computer monitor has a different capability to display colours and everyone sees these colours differently. We cannot guarantee that the colour you see accurately portrays the true colour of the product.

Lightfastness rating (LF) = 3,4 – FAIR, MODERATE | 5,6 – GOOD, VERY GOOD | 7,8 – EXCELLENT
Derwent uses the Blue Wool Scale (ISO 105) to evaluate lightfastness. Lightfastness refers to the chemical stability of a pigment under long exposure to light.
A scale of 1-8 is obtained, with values of 6 or higher being considered to be highly lightfast and, under museum conditions, will not fade for 100+ years.

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ImageDerwent Drawing ColoursPriceStockQuantityAdd to Cart
Derwent-Drawing-Pencil-1610-Light-SiennaLight Sienna (1610) - LF 8R39.003 in Stock.
Derwent-Drawing-Pencil-3615-Solway-BlueSolway Blue (3615) - LF 8R39.004 in Stock.
Derwent-Drawing-Pencil-3720-Ink-BlueInk Blue (3720) - LF 7R39.002 in Stock.
Derwent-Drawing-Pencil-3810-Smoke-BlueSmoke Blue (3810) - LF 8R39.007 in Stock.
Derwent-Drawing-Pencil-4125-Pale-CedarPale Cedar (4125) - LF 8R39.004 in Stock.
Derwent-Drawing-Pencil-4135-Green-ShadowGreen Shadow (4135) - LF 8R39.005 in Stock.
Derwent-Drawing-Pencil-5090-Crag-GreenCrag Green (5090) - LF 8R39.002 in Stock.
Derwent-Drawing-Pencil-5160-Olive-EarthOlive Earth (5160) - LF 8R39.005 in Stock.
Derwent-Drawing-Pencil-5550-Warm-EarthWarm Earth (5550) - LF 8R39.004 in Stock.
Derwent-Drawing-Pencil-5700-Brown-OchreBrown Ochre (5700) - LF 8R39.006 in Stock.
Derwent-Drawing-Pencil-5715-WheatWheat (5715) - LF 8R39.006 in Stock.
Derwent-Drawing-Pencil-5720-Yellow-OchreYellow Ochre (5720) - LF 8R39.005 in Stock.
Derwent-Drawing-Pencil-6110-Sepia-RedSepia Red (6110) - LF 8R39.006 in Stock.
Derwent-Drawing-Pencil-6210-Mars-OrangeMars Orange (6210) - LF 8R39.002 in Stock.
Derwent-Drawing-Pencil-6220-SanguineSanguine (6220) - LF 8R39.005 in Stock.
Derwent-Drawing-Pencil-6300-Venetian-RedVenetian Red (6300) - LF 8R39.005 in Stock.
Derwent-Drawing-Pencil-6400-TerracottaTerracotta (6400) - LF 8R39.004 in Stock.
Derwent-Drawing-Pencil-6470-Mars-VioletMars Violet (6470) - LF 8R39.003 in Stock.
Derwent-Drawing-Pencil-6510-Ruby-EarthRuby Earth (6510) - LF 8R39.004 in Stock.
Derwent-Drawing-Pencil-6600-ChocolateChocolate (6600) - LF 8R39.002 in Stock.
Derwent-Drawing-Pencil-6700-Ivory-BlackIvory Black (6700) - LF 8R39.004 in Stock.
Derwent-Drawing-Pencil-7010-Warm-GreyWarm Grey (7010) - LF 8R39.004 in Stock.
Derwent-Drawing-Pencil-7120-Cool-Grey-Cool Grey (7120) - LF 8R39.002 in Stock.
Derwent-Drawing-Pencil-7200-WhiteWhite (7200) - LF 8R39.00Sorry, we're Out of Stock!
Out of Stock

The colour palette of Derwent Drawing pencils takes you right back to nature. These coloured pencils are rich and earthy with a soft texture and extra wide colour strip that will ensure success when trying to build up dense fur or feathers of animals. The colour range includes several soft greens, greys, blues and creams as well as an increased choice of traditional sepia tones, making them ideal for a wide range of subjects.

These pencils bring colour to life — from sweeping landscapes and seascapes to detailed, vibrant wildlife drawings, nature studies, and portraiture. With regards to lightfastness, of the 24 Derwent Drawing Coloured pencil colours, 23 are rated 8 and only one, Ink Blue is rated 7 in the lightfast rating (A rating of 8 is the highest rating and anything below 6 is considered to not be lightfast).

Derwent Drawing pencils are available in 24 single pencils, as well as in tin sets of 6, 12 and 24.


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Derwent Drawing Colours

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    I received this pencil as part of my Premium Tester Box. I am currently busy with a color pencil piece of an African Wild dog and found this pencil great for adding the slightly less opaque white tips and highlights required on this piece… easy to work with provided you have a gentle hand when laying down this pencil, I tend to have a very strong bold stoke and this one taught me to tap off the accelerator a bit! patience is the key here with this one. I would love to get the full colour range seeing that I do a lot of wildlife art and give them a goI

    I will go as far as to say that this might be an affordable option for those wanting to test the waters to see if they will enjoy colour pencil art because they are great for teaching you the “feel” of how to work to achieve the required colour intensity .

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