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Pastes can be used to achieve a variety of effects and expressions. When used in conjunction with acrylic colours they broaden working properties and control transparency, viscosity and surface sheen, while additives control paint’s working properties.

Fiber Paste creates the appearance of handmade paper and Crackle Paste dries opaque and matte and the cracks depends on the thickness of the application.

Available in 237ml tubs.


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Fiber Paste when dry has the appearance of handmade paper. It can be skimmed with a wet palette knife to make a smoother surface. The dry off-white colour is absorbent, making it ideal for use with acrylic washes.

Golden Fiber Paste Swatch

Crackle Paste is a thick, opaque material that cracks as it dries. The size and extent of the cracking pattern depend on the thickness of application and environmental conditions during drying and other factors. Dries to an opaque, matte finish with an absorbent surface suitable for acrylic paints and mediums.

Golden Crackle Paste Swatch

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Effects Paste

Fiber Paste (3240), Crackle Paste (3557)

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