Kneadable Eraser – Cretacolor


This Kneaded Eraser by Cretacolor is the perfect drawing tool for removing charcoal, pencil, lead, pastels and more without leaving a mark. Knead the eraser into any shape to cleanly remove unwanted marks, or use it to lift or lighten the colour.


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A kneaded eraser is essential for lightening or correcting graphite, charcoal or chalk. Can be shaped by hand for precision erasing, create highlights, or create fine details.  Picking pigment off the paper, it can be re-kneaded to absorb the charcoal or graphite, but it is not really suitable for erasing large areas.

The eraser can be stretched and kneaded until the colour turns light grey, but eventually, they will become saturated with the graphite or charcoal, then it is time to replace the eraser.



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