Neocolor II Watersoluble Wax Oil Pastel – Caran d’Ache



Caran D’Ache Neocolor II water-soluble wax pastel for artists and illustrators, ideal for dry or wet use with watercolourist effects.

Applications: Various techniques possible – use it to draw wet or dry, rainbow techniques, stencilling, steel engraving, impregnation, watercolour, colour blocks, wash drawings and washes.

  • Technical
    • 8.65mm diameter, 104.5mm long
    • no barrel can be used up 100%
    • can be sharpened like a pencil or used flat
    • ideal for mixing on the Caran D’Ache textured palette
    • Type: Water-soluble wax oil pastel
    • Soft, velvety texture, does not crumble
    • Ultra-high pigment concentration, superior covering power, luminous colours, excellent light resistance
    • CE EN71 and ASTM D4236 compliant


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Colour Disclaimer. Actual colours may vary since every computer monitor has a different capability to display colours and everyone sees these colours differently. We cannot guarantee that the colour you see accurately portrays the true colour of the product.

Standard Blue Wool Scale
Caran d’Ache provides clear information on the lightfastness (LF) of all 120 colours, ranging from * to ***. Certain colours will remain unaltered for up to 100 years. The lightfastness rating is based on the Blue Wool Scale that measures the resistance of the colours when exposed to light.
*** Excellent
**  Very good
*    Good

Vegan & Cruelty-free product.

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ImageCaran d'Ache NeocolorPriceStockQuantityAdd to Cart
CaranDache_NeoColor2_White001 WhiteR36.005 in Stock.
CaranDache_NeoColor2_SilverGrey002 Silver greyR36.003 in Stock.
CaranDache_NeoColor2_LightGrey003 Light greyR36.005 in Stock.
CaranDache_NeoColor2_Grey005 GreyR36.005 in Stock.
CaranDache_NeoColor2_DarkGrey007 Dark greyR36.004 in Stock.
CaranDache_NeoColor2_GreyishBlack008 Greyish blackR36.005 in Stock.
CaranDache_NeoColor2_Black009 BlackR36.002 in Stock.
CaranDache_NeoColor2_Yellow010 YellowR36.006 in Stock.
CaranDache_NeoColor2_PaleYellow011 Pale yellowR36.002 in Stock.
CaranDache_NeoColor2_GoldenYellow020 Golden yellowR36.005 in Stock.
CaranDache_NeoColor2_ToledoBrown028 Toledo brownR36.002 in Stock.
CaranDache_NeoColor2_Orange030 OrangeR36.003 in Stock.
CaranDache_NeoColor2_OrangishYellow031 Orangish yellowR36.004 in Stock.
CaranDache_NeoColor2_GoldenOchre033 Golden ochreR36.005 in Stock.
CaranDache_NeoColor2_Ochre035 OchreR36.006 in Stock.
CaranDache_NeoColor2_RawSienna036 Raw siennaR36.002 in Stock.
CaranDache_NeoColor2_OliveBrown039 Olive brownR36.006 in Stock.
CaranDache_NeoColor2_Apricot041 ApricotR36.005 in Stock.
CaranDache_NeoColor2_Flesh042 FleshR36.006 in Stock.
CaranDache_NeoColor2_VandykeBrown045 Vandycke brownR36.006 in Stock.
CaranDache_NeoColor2_RawUmber049 Raw umberR36.006 in Stock.
CaranDache_NeoColor2_FlameRed050 Flame redR36.003 in Stock.
CaranDache_NeoColor2_Salmon051 SalmonR36.003 in Stock.
CaranDache_NeoColor2_Saffron052 SaffronR36.003 in Stock.
CaranDache_NeoColor2_Cinnamon055 CinnamonR36.005 in Stock.
CaranDache_NeoColor2_Brown059 BrownR36.005 in Stock.
CaranDache_NeoColor2_Vermillion060 VermilionR36.004 in Stock.
CaranDache_NeoColor2_EnglishRed063 English redR36.005 in Stock.
CaranDache_NeoColor2_Russet065 RussetR36.002 in Stock.
CaranDache_NeoColor2_BurntSienna069 Burnt SienaR36.005 in Stock.
CaranDache_NeoColor2_Scarlet070 ScarletR36.004 in Stock.
CaranDache_NeoColor2_SalmonPink071 Salmon pinkR36.004 in Stock.
CaranDache_NeoColor2_Carmine080 CarmineR36.005 in Stock.
CaranDache_NeoColor2_Pink081 PinkR36.001 in Stock.
CaranDache_NeoColor2_Purple090 PurpleR36.004 in Stock.
CaranDache_NeoColor2_Aubergine099 N AubergineR36.002 in Stock.
CaranDache_NeoColor2_PurpleViolet100 Purple violetR36.004 in Stock.
CaranDache_NeoColor2_Lilac110 LilacR36.004 in Stock.
CaranDache_NeoColor2_Mauve111 MauveR36.005 in Stock.
CaranDache_NeoColor2_Violet120 VioletR36.002 in Stock.
CaranDache_NeoColor2_RoyalBlue130 Royal blueR36.004 in Stock.
CaranDache_NeoColor2_PeriwinkleBlue131 Periwinkle blueR36.006 in Stock.
CaranDache_NeoColor2_Indigo139 Indigo blueR36.003 in Stock.
CaranDache_NeoColor2_Ultramarine140 UltramarineR36.006 in Stock.
CaranDache_NeoColor2_SkyBlue141 Sky blueR36.003 in Stock.
CaranDache_NeoColor2_NightBlue149 Night blueR36.006 in Stock.
CaranDache_NeoColor2_SaffireBlue150 Sapphire blueR36.006 in Stock.
CaranDache_NeoColor2_PrussianBlue159 Prussian blueR36.002 in Stock.
CaranDache_NeoColor2_CobaltBlue160 Cobalt blueR36.007 in Stock.
CaranDache_NeoColor2_LightBlue161 Light blueR36.003 in Stock.
CaranDache_NeoColor2_TurquoiseGreen191 Turquoise greenR36.003 in Stock.
CaranDache_NeoColor2_MalachiteGreen180 Malachite greenR36.004 in Stock.
CaranDache_NeoColor2_GreenishBlue190 Greenish blueR36.001 in Stock.
CaranDache_NeoColor2_TurquoiseBlue171 Turquoise blueR36.006 in Stock.
CaranDache_NeoColor2_VeroniseGreen201 Veronese greenR36.007 in Stock.
CaranDache_NeoColor2_EmeraldGreen210 Emerald greenR36.008 in Stock.
CaranDache_NeoColor2_JadeGreen211 Jade greenR36.004 in Stock.
CaranDache_NeoColor2_ChromiumOxideGreen212 Chromium oxyde greenR36.005 in Stock.
CaranDache_NeoColor2_GrassGreen220 Grass greenR36.006 in Stock.
CaranDache_NeoColor2_MossGreen225 Moss greenR36.006 in Stock.
CaranDache_NeoColor2_DarkGreen229 Dark greenR36.006 in Stock.
CaranDache_NeoColor2_YellowGreen230 Yellow greenR36.004 in Stock.
CaranDache_NeoColor2_LimeGreen231 Lime greenR36.004 in Stock.
CaranDache_NeoColor2_LemonYellow240 Lemon yellowR36.003 in Stock.
CaranDache_NeoColor2_LightOlive245 Light oliveR36.002 in Stock.
CaranDache_NeoColor2_Olive249 OliveR36.006 in Stock.
CaranDache_NeoColor2_CanaryYellow250 Canary yellowR36.0010 in Stock.
CaranDache_NeoColor2_Blue260 BlueR36.009 in Stock.
CaranDache_NeoColor2_RubyRed280 Ruby redR36.002 in Stock.
CaranDache_NeoColor2_FastOrange300 Fast orangeR36.009 in Stock.
CaranDache_NeoColor2_Beige403 BeigeR36.005 in Stock.
CaranDache_NeoColor2_Sepia407 SepiaR36.002 in Stock.
CaranDache_NeoColor2_CharcoalGrey409 Charcoal greyR36.004 in Stock.
CaranDache_NeoColor2_Bronze497 Bronze metallicR36.005 in Stock.
CaranDache_NeoColor2_Silver498 Silver metallicR36.006 in Stock.
CaranDache_NeoColor2_Gold499 Gold metallicR36.005 in Stock.
CaranDache_NeoColor2_PaynesGrey508 Paynes' greyR36.004 in Stock.
CaranDache_NeoColor2_SaharaYellow521 Sahara yellowR36.001 in Stock.
CaranDache_NeoColor2_LightCadmiumRed560 Light cadmium red (hue)R36.007 in Stock.
CaranDache_NeoColor2_CrimsonAlizarinHue589 Crimson alizarin (hue)R36.004 in Stock.
CaranDache_NeoColor2_LightCoblatBlue661 Light cobalt blue (hue)R36.004 in Stock.
CaranDache_NeoColor2_PhthaloGreen710 Phthalo GreenR36.004 in Stock.
CaranDache_NeoColor2_BrightGreen720 Bright greenR36.005 in Stock.
CaranDache_NeoColor2_ChineseGreen730 Chinese greenR36.003 in Stock.


Neocolor II can be used for all forms of creativity, ranging from drawings on dry or wet materials, monotypes, impregnation, wet drawing, glazing, or rainbow gradation. With 84 colours, the entire range offers almost unlimited scope for the imagination, to the point where even experienced artists once more see things through the eyes of a child, thereby liberating the purest of all creative energies: that of the sheer wonderment evoked by colours.


Neocolor II pastels are entirely developed and crafted in the Caran d’Ache workshops, according to the highest quality standards and in compliance with environmental norms and certifications.

Caran D’Ache NeoColor II Aquarelle – Once you’ve tried them, you will love them forever…


Caran d'Ache Neocolor

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