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A pastel holder is one of the most beneficial tools for the pastel artist. The Mungyo Pastel Holder makes the handling of various types of worn down pastels trouble-free. Avoid getting your hands dirty and utilize pastels to their fullest. With a very versatile format, this tool holds both oil and soft pastels of varying widths and diameters. Its spring closing / opening system is strong and allows a very practical and quick fitting of the pastel. You can also connect these holders like blocks and use them together!

Product features:

  • Suitable for all sizes of pastel (soft/oil) as well as other crayon-type dry media (graphite, charcoal, etc.).
  • Secure grasp of pastel; clamp type.
  • Switch colours easily.
  • Ergonomical design with anti-slip grooves for easy grip.
  • Can connect with other holders like blocks.
  • Available in Black 2pc Set.


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