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Known for generations as one of the world’s most popular soft pastel, Rembrandt pastels occupy a distinct and important segment of most pastel painters’ process.

Made in Holland by Talens, Rembrandt soft pastels provide you with 218 highly brilliant colours.

Rembrandt pastels are made from the purest pigments and mixed with the finest quality kaolin clay binder. No pigments containing heavy metals, such as cadmium, lead, and cobalt, are used in production which ensures that the pastels have no hard bits or sharp edges.  

These pastels are harder in consistency than many soft pastels, allowing for more control and definition in your painting. Full sticks measure 2-3/4″ long × 7/16″ diameter (70 mm × 11 mm). They are paper wrapped and are sold individually.


Rembrandt Soft Pastels are also available in Portrait Selection Sets, Landscape Selection Sets and General Selection Sets.


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Colour Disclaimer. Actual colours may vary. This is due to the fact that every computer monitor has a different capability to display colours and that everyone sees these colours differently. We cannot guarantee that the colour you see accurately portrays the true colour of the product.

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ImageRembrandt Soft PastelsPriceStockQuantityAdd to Cart
20026_Rembrandt_Mouse Gray_707.8Mouse Grey (707.8)R79.004 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Mouse Gray_707.9Mouse Grey (707.9)R79.003 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Mouse Gray_707.10Green Grey (709.10)R79.001 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Green Gray_709.3Green Grey (709.3)R79.003 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Green Gray_709.5Green Grey (709.5)R79.005 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Green Gray_709.7Green Grey (709.7)R79.004 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Green Gray_709.8Green Grey (709.8)R79.003 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Green Gray_709.9Green Grey (709.9)R79.004 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Bluish Gray_727.10Bluish Grey (727.10)R79.002 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Bluish Gray_727.3Bluish Grey (727.3)R79.004 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Bluish Gray_727.5Bluish Grey (727.5)R79.002 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Bluish Gray_727.7Bluish Grey (727.7)R79.004 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Bluish Gray_727.8Bluish Grey (727.8)R79.007 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Bluish Gray_727.9Bluish Grey (727.9)R79.004 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Phthalo Blue570.7Phthalo Blue (570.7)R79.003 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Phthalo Blue_570.9Phthalo Blue (570.9)R79.002 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Permanent Green Light_618.3Permanent Green Light (618.3)R79.004 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Permanent Green Light_618.5Permanent Green Light (618.5)R79.002 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Permanent Green Light_618.8Permanent Green Light (618.8)R79.003 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Permanent Green Light_618.9Permanent Green Light (618.9)R79.006 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Permanent Green Deep_619.3Permanent Green Deep (619.3)R79.004 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Permanent Green Deep_619.5Permanent Green Deep (619.5)R79.004 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Permanent Green Deep_619.7Permanent Green Deep (619.7)R79.005 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Permanent Green Deep_619.9Permanent Green Deep (619.9)R79.005 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Olive Green_620.10Olive Green (620.10)R79.006 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Olive Green_620.2Olive Green (620.2)R79.001 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Olive Green_620.3Olive Green (620.3)R79.001 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Olive Green_620.5Olive Green (620.5)R79.003 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Olive Green_620.7Olive Green (620.7)R79.004 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Olive Green_620.8Olive Green (620.8)R79.005 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Cinnabar Green Light_626.10Cinnabar Green Light (626.10)R79.002 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Cinnabar Green Light_626.3Cinnabar Green Light (626.3)R79.00Sorry, we're Out of Stock!
Out of Stock
20026_Rembrandt_Cinnabar Green Light_626.5Cinnabar Green Light (626.5)R79.001 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Cinnabar Green Light_626.7Cinnabar Green Light (626.7)R79.003 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Cinnabar Green Light_626.9Cinnabar Green Light (626.9)R79.002 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Cinnabar Green Deep_627.10Cinnabar Green Deep (627.10)R79.005 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Cinnabar Green Deep 627.2Cinnabar Green Deep (627.2)R79.001 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Cinnabar Green Deep_627.3Cinnabar Green Deep (627.3)R79.003 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Cinnabar Green Deep_627.5Cinnabar Green Deep (627.5)R79.005 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Cinnabar Green Deep_627.7Cinnabar Green Deep (627.7)R79.004 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Cinnabar Green Deep_627.8Cinnabar Green Deep (627.8)R79.005 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Cinnabar Green Deep_627.9Cinnabar Green Deep (627.9)R79.006 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Permanent Yellow Green_633.3Permanent Yellow Green (633.3)R79.001 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Permanent Yellow Green_633.5Permanent Yellow Green (633.5)R79.003 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Permanent Yellow Green_633.7Permanent Yellow Green (633.7)R79.006 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Permanent Yellow Green_633.9Permanent Yellow Green (633.9)R79.005 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Bluish Green_640.2Bluish Green (640.2)R79.004 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Bluish Green_640.3Bluish Green (640.3)R79.003 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Bluish Green_640.5Bluish Green (640.5)R79.004 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Bluish Green_640.7Bluish Green (640.7)R79.006 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Bluish Green_640.9Bluish Green (640.9)R79.002 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Phthalo Green_675.3Phthalo Green (675.3)R79.005 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Phthalo Green_675.5Phthalo Green (675.5)R79.001 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Phthalo Green_675.8Phthalo Green (675.8)R79.005 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Black_700.5Black (700.5)R79.003 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Grey_704.10Grey (704.10)R79.005 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Grey_704.3Grey (704.10)R79.003 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Grey_704.5Grey (704.5)R79.002 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Grey_704.7Grey (704.7)R79.003 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Grey_704.8Grey (704.8)R79.005 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Grey_704.9Grey (704.9)R79.003 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Mouse Gray_707.10Mouse Grey (707.10)R79.004 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Mouse Gray_707.3Mouse Grey (707.3)R79.001 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Mouse Gray_707.5Mouse Grey (707.5)R79.003 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Mouse Gray_707.7Mouse Grey (707.7)R79.003 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Burnt Umber_409.9Burnt Umber (409.9)R79.00Sorry, we're Out of Stock!
Out of Stock
20026_Rembrandt_Burnt Sienna_411.10Burnt Sienna (411.10)R79.002 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Burnt Sienna_411.3Burnt Sienna (411.3)R79.005 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Burnt Sienna_411.5Burnt Sienna (411.5)R79.001 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Burnt Sienna_411.7Burnt Sienna (411.7)R79.001 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Burnt Sienna_411.8Burnt Sienna (411.8)R79.005 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Burnt Sienna_411.9Burnt Sienna (411.9)R79.004 in Stock.
20026_Ultramarine Light_505.10Ultramarine Light (505.10)R79.004 in Stock.
20026_Ultramarine Light_505.3Ultramarine Light (505.3)R79.004 in Stock.
20026_Ultramarine Light_505.5Ultramarine Light (505.5)R79.005 in Stock.
20026_Ultramarine Light_505.7Ultramarine Light (505.7)R79.002 in Stock.
20026_Ultramarine Light_505.8Ultramarine Light (505.8)R79.008 in Stock.
20026_Ultramarine Light_505.9Ultramarine Light (505.9)R79.004 in Stock.
20026_Ultramarine Deep_506.2Ultramarine Deep (506.2)R79.003 in Stock.
20026_Ultramarine Deep_506.3Ultramarine Deep (506.3)R79.004 in Stock.
20026_Ultramarine Deep_506.5Ultramarine Deep (506.5)R79.005 in Stock.
20026_Ultramarine Deep_506.7Ultramarine Deep (506.7)R79.006 in Stock.
20026_Ultramarine Deep_506.9Ultramarine Deep (506.9)R79.004 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Prussain Blue_508.2Prussian Blue (508.2)R79.003 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Prussian Blue_508.3Prussian Blue (508.3)R79.003 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Prussian Blue_508.5Prussian Blue (508.5)R79.004 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Prussian Blue_508.7Prussian Blue (508.7)R79.004 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Prussian Blue_508.8Prussian Blue (508.8)R79.006 in Stock.
20026_Turquoise_522.10Turquoise Blue (522.10)R79.003 in Stock.
20026_Turquoise_522.2Turquoise Blue (522.2)R79.001 in Stock.
20026_Turquoise_522.3Turquoise Blue (522.3)R79.005 in Stock.
20026_Turquoise_522.5Turquoise Blue (522.5)R79.005 in Stock.
20026_Turquoise_522.8Turquoise Blue (522.8)R79.006 in Stock.
20026_Violet 536.2Violet (536.2)R79.004 in Stock.
20026_Violet_536.3Violet (536.3)R79.005 in Stock.
20026_Violet_536.5Violet (536.5)R79.006 in Stock.
20026_Violet_536.7Violet (536.7)R79.006 in Stock.
20026_Violet_536.9Violet (536.9)R79.002 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Mars Violet_538.10Mars Violet (538.10)R79.001 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Mars Violet_538.3Mars Violet (538.3)R79.004 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Mars Violet_538.5Mars Violet (538.5)R79.005 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Mars Violet_538.7Mars Violet (538.7)R79.003 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Mars Violet_538.8Mars Violet (538.8)R79.008 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Mars Violet_538.9Mars Violet (538.9)R79.002 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Red Violet_545.2Red Violet (545.2)R79.005 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Red Violet_545.3Red Violet (545.3)R79.005 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Red Violet_545.5Red Violet (545.5)R79.006 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Red Violet_545.7Red Violet (545.7)R79.005 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Red Violet_545.8Red Violet (545.8)R79.005 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Blue Violet_548.2Blue Violet (548.2)R79.004 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Blue Violet_548.3Blue Violet (548.3)R79.004 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Blue Violet_548.5Blue Violet (548.5)R79.008 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Blue Violet_548.7Blue Violet (548.7)R79.008 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Blue Violet_548.8Blue Violet (548.8)R79.002 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Phthalo Blue_570.3Phthalo Blue (570.3)R79.002 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Phthalo Blue_570.5Phthalo Blue (570.5)R79.006 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Madder Lake Deep_331.5Madder Deep (331.5)R79.004 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Madder Lake Deep_331.7Madder Deep (331.7)R79.004 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Madder Lake Deep_331.8Madder Deep (331.8)R79.001 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Madder Lake Deep_331.9Madder Deep (331.9)R79.003 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Light Red Oxide_339.10Light Oxide Red (339.10)R79.004 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Light Red Oxide_339.3Light Oxide Red (339.3)R79.001 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Light Red Oxide_339.5Light Oxide Red (339.5)R79.005 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Light Red Oxide_339.7Light Oxide Red (339.7)R79.003 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Light Red Oxide_339.8Light Oxide Red (339.8)R79.006 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Light Red Oxide_339.9Light Oxide Red (339.9)R79.003 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Caput Mortuum_343.3Caput Mortuum Rood (343.3)R79.005 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Caput Mortuum_343.5Caput Mortuum Rood (343.5)R79.005 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Caput Mortuum_343.7Caput Mortuum Rood (343.7)R79.006 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Caput Mortuum_343.8Caput Mortuum Rood (343.8)R79.006 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Caput Mortuum_343.9Caput Mortuum Rood (343.9)R79.005 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Indian Red_347.2Indian Red (347.2)R79.001 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Indian Red_347.3Indian Red (347.3)R79.005 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Indian Red_347.5Indian Red (347.5)R79.005 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Indian Red_347.7Indian Red (347.7)R79.006 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Indian Red_347.9Indian Red (347.9)R79.006 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Permanent Red Light_370.3Permanent Red Light (370.3)R79.006 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Permanent Red Light_370.5Permanent Red Light (370.5)R79.002 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Permanent Red Light_370.7Permanent Red Light (370.7)R79.006 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Permanent Red Light_370.9Permanent Red Light (370.9)R79.005 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Permanent Red Deep_371.3Permanent Red Deep (371.3)R79.004 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Permanent Red Deep_371.5Permanent Red Deep (371.5)R79.003 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Permanent Red Deep_371.7Permanent Red Deep (371.7)R79.006 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Permanent Red Deep_371.8Permanent Red Deep (371.8)R79.004 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Permanent Red Deep_371.9Permanent Red Deep (371.9)R79.004 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Permanent Red_372.10Permanent Red (372.10)R79.00Sorry, we're Out of Stock!
Out of Stock
20026_Rembrandt_Permanent Red_372.2Permanent Red (372.2)R79.002 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Permanent Red_372.3Permanent Red (372.3)R79.005 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Permanent Red_372.5Permanent Red (372.5)R79.004 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Permanent Red_372.8Permanent Red (372.8)R79.006 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Permanent Red_372.9Permanent Red (372.9)R79.006 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Permanent Rose 397.10Permanent Rose (397.10)R79.006 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Permanent Rose_397.3Permanent Rose (397.3)R79.006 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Permanent Rose_397.5Permanent Rose (397.5)R79.004 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Permanent Rose_397.7Permanent Rose (397.7)R79.006 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Permanent Rose_397.9Permanent Rose (397.9)R79.005 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Raw Umber_408.10Raw Umber (408.10)R79.005 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Raw Umber_408.2Raw Umber (408.2)R79.004 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Raw Umber_408.3Raw Umber (408.3)R79.002 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Raw Umber_408.5Raw Umber (408.5)R79.004 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Raw Umber_408.7Raw Umber (408.7)R79.001 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Raw Umber_408.9Raw Umber (408.9)R79.002 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Burnt Umber_409.10Burnt Umber (409.10)R79.008 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Burnt Umber_409.3Burnt Umber (409.3)R79.003 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Burnt Umber_409.5Burnt Umber (409.5)R79.002 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Burnt Umber_409.7Burnt Umber (409.7)R79.002 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Burnt Umber_409.8Burnt Umber (409.8)R79.001 in Stock.
20026_White_100.5White (100.5)R79.004 in Stock.
20026_White Super Soft_101.5White Super Soft (101.5)R79.002 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Light Yellow_201.3Light Yellow (201.3)R79.004 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Light Yellow_201.5Light Yellow (201.5)R79.008 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Light Yellow_201.7Light Yellow (201.7)R79.006 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Light Yellow_201.8Light Yellow (201.8)R79.003 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Deep Yellow_202.12Deep Yellow (202.12)R79.001 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Deep Yellow_202.3Deep Yellow (202.3)R79.005 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_DeepYellow_202.5Deep Yellow (202.5)R79.003 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Deep Yellow_202.7Deep Yellow (202.7)R79.006 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Deep Yellow_202.9Deep Yellow (202.9)R79.007 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Lemon Yellow_205.12Lemon Yellow (205.12)R79.007 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Lemon Yellow_205.3Lemon Yellow (205.3)R79.004 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Lemon Yellow_205.5Lemon Yellow (205.5)R79.004 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Lemon Yellow_205.8Lemon Yellow (205.8)R79.006 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Lemon Yellow_205.9Lemon Yellow (205.9)R79.004 in Stock.
20026_Yellow Ochre_227.10Yellow Ochre (227.10)R79.004 in Stock.
20026_Yellow Ochre_227.2Yellow Ochre (227.2)R79.003 in Stock.
20026_Yellow Ochre_227.3Yellow Ochre (227.3)R79.002 in Stock.
20026_Yellow Ochre_227.5Yellow Ochre (227.5)R79.001 in Stock.
20026_Yellow Ochre_227.7Yellow Ochre (227.7)R79.002 in Stock.
20026_Yellow Ochre_227.9Yellow Ochre (227.9)R79.004 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Gold Ochre_231.10Gold Ochre (231.10)R79.001 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Gold Ochre_231.3Gold Ochre (231.3)R79.004 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Gold Ochre_231.5Gold Ochre (231.5)R79.003 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Gold Ochre_231.7Gold Ochre (231.7)R79.006 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Gold Ochre_231.8Gold Ochre (231.8)R79.003 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Gold Ochre_231.9Gold Ochre (231.9)R79.002 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Raw Sienna_234.10Raw Sienna (234.10)R79.006 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Raw Sienna_234.2Raw Sienna (234.2)R79.002 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Raw Sienna_234.3Raw Sienna (234.3)R79.002 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Raw Sienna_234.5Raw Sienna (234.5)R79.002 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Raw Sienna_234.7Raw Sienna (234.7)R79.006 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Raw Sienna_234.8Raw Sienna (234.8)R79.003 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Raw Sienna_234.9Raw Sienna (234.9)R79.002 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Orange_235.2Orange (235.2)R79.002 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Orange_235.3Orange (235.3)R79.002 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Orange_235.5Orange (235.5)R79.004 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Orange_235.8Orange (235.8)R79.006 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Orange_235.9Orange (235.9)R79.006 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Light Orange_236.3Light Orange (236.3)R79.002 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Light Orange_236.5Light Orange (236.5)R79.003 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Light Orange_236.7Light Orange (236.7)R79.004 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Light Orange_236.8Light Orange (236.8)R79.001 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Light Orange_236.9Light Orange (236.9)R79.005 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Carmine_318.3Carmine (318.3)R79.005 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Carmine_318.5Carmine (318.5)R79.003 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Carmine_318.7Carmine (318.7)R79.001 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Carmine_318.8Carmine (318.8)R79.005 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Carmine_318.9Carmine (318.9)R79.006 in Stock.
20026_Rembrandt_Madder Lake Deep_331.3Madder Deep (331.3)R79.004 in Stock.

Artsavingsclub offers you the full range of Rembrandt colours in open stock.  These wonderful soft pastels exhibit a maximum degree of uniform softness and lightfastness and blend to an infinite range of colours with a velvety look. Rembrandt, being a leading brand of soft pastels, offer a wide and professional range of colours. These Pastels are available in whatever colour or mixed shade you are looking for, offering a maximum choice of colour.  Consisting of 42 pure colours (full tones), 40 intermediate shades going towards black and 121 intermediate shades towards white, Rembrandt has a comprehensive assortment of colours.

While not as hard as Carre pastels (extra hard pastels that are less brittle and produce less dust), and not as soft as some of the finishing pastels on the market, Rembrandts are known for their medium softness, their density and consistency. Often called “the workhorse” of the pastel category, this is specifically because of this density and medium touch.  Soft enough to easily release colour, but hard enough to draw a sharp line, keep an edge and build multiple layers, the versatility is nearly endless.

Crafted in the Netherlands on a very specialized small extrusion machine, these pastels are uniform in their shape and size and do not crumble, holding their shape.  The recipe varies based on the pigment used but is the most simple of any product in their range. Pure pigments, and just enough Kaolin clay to hold the pigment together, there is nothing more simple and nothing with as many possibilities as a pastel.

Because of the purity, and solubility of Kaolin clay, these pastels can be rendered into powder, allowing the artist to render a watercolour paint by just adding gum arabic, acrylic paints can be made by adding this to an acrylic binder, or an oil paint by mixing into a drying oil, like linseed or safflower oil.

Colour chart explanation:

The degree of lightfastness:

  • +++ = at least 100 years lightfast under museum conditions (157 colours)
  • ++ = 25 – 100 years lightfast under museum conditions (61 colours)
  • + = 10 – 25 years lightfast under museum conditions 0 = 0 – 10 years lightfast under museum conditions
  • The lightfastness of all these colours has been tested following ASTM Standards D4303

Each Rembrandt pastel has a unique code which makes the colour range easy to navigate:

  • The first three colour numbers are the colour indicator: 205 – Mars Violet (PR101 pigment code)
  • From there, the pure pigment is indicated with a 0.5 suffix: 205.5, therefore full shade.
  • As more white is added, the suffix number increases, depending on the colour, to 12.
    • .7-.12 = mixture with an increasing amount of white
  • As more black is added, the shades are indicated with lower numbers, all the way down to 0.2, which is the lowest value Rembrandt create, available in 15 new colours.
    • .2 and .3 = mixture with black
  • PY184/PY138 = pigments used

The versatility and ease of use of Rembrandt soft pastels have caused a resurgence in pastels as a mixed media since their composition makes them inter-mixable with many different materials.

  • Excellent colour release
  • Intense and pure colours
  • Good to the highest degree of lightfastness
  • Very high colouring power due to the high concentration of pigment
  • Free of pigments based on the metals lead, cadmium and cobalt

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50 Shapes of Pastel: Pastel Surfaces (Part 2)

Rembrandt Soft Pastels

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