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These Jackson’s tools and accessories are ideal for the application of dry media such as pastels, graphite, charcoal and colour pencils!

Available options:

  • Pastel Holder.
  • Pastel Brush Set of 3.
  • Rice Paper Stumps Set of 6.


Jackson’s Pastel Holder can be used for graphite or charcoal but is especially useful for when you want to use a the end of a pastel stick while maintaining control. This allows to use your expensive pastels entirely without wasting precious materials. It can also be used to prevent getting your hands dirty allowing you to change between pastels and keep clean lines. Additionally, it can be the perfect tool for those artists who find it difficult to grip and maneuver, the stick by itself. This handy tool takes a pastel, a piece of graphite or charcoal with a width of 8.5mm.


The Pastel Brush Set features 3 of Jackson’s soft pastel tools that are perfect for the application and blending of soft pastels, PanPastel and graphite powders. These short handle brushes are suitable for detail work thanks to their small and sharp tips. The soft and silicone tips allow you to smudge, soften and move colour with precision and ease.

This set includes:

  • 1 x Pony Hair Brush (18.9cm long, brittle length 0.9cm).
  • 1 x Sponge Applicator (14.5cm long;  1cm tip).
  • 1 x Rubber-tipped blending tool (17.6cm long; sharp 0.9cm-long tip).


Made from compressed rice paper, Jackson’s Rice Paper Stumps are suitable to use with pastels, charcoal, graphite, and colour pencils. The points are more accurate than using your finger to blend areas of your drawing, and the smooth surface of the rice paper ensures a polished finish. Paper stumps can be cleaned and repointed using a knife, sandpaper, or even a large pencil sharpener. Available in a set of 6 with mixed sizes to achieve maximum results.

Remember to sand the tip of the tool before blending lighter areas, or the tool might darken the surface.


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Available Options:

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Set of 3, Single, Set of 6


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