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Pastel Papers

Develop your creativity! Pastel painting – the oldest painting technique! The pastel paper made by Hahnemühle not only reproduces the colours faithfully but also allows a variety of special effects to be created. The Hahnemühle pastel papers are available with various surface structures – from smooth to ribbed – and in a wide range of colours. All types of paper guarantee perfect paint adhesion and optimum development of pigments.

Pastel velour paper for pastel and oil pastel crayon.


  • Multicolour Pads comes with 10 different colours per pad: White, medium grey, yellow, green, orange, dark grey, sand, ochre, light grey & black.
  • Single Colour Pads: White
  • 260 gsm


Pad Sizes:

  • 24 x 32cm
  • 30 x 40cm
  • 36 x 48cm

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Hahnemuhle-Pastel-Velour-260gsm-Multicolour-Pad-24x32cm24 x 32cmMulticolour Pad (10 Colours per pad)R449.00Sorry, we're Out of Stock!
Out of Stock
Hahnemuhle-Pastel-Velour-260gsm-Multicolour-Pad-24x32cm24 x 32cmSingle Colour Pad (White)R449.001 in Stock.
Hahnemuhle-Pastel-Velour-260gsm-Multicolour-Pad-24x32cm30 x 40cmMulticolour Pad (10 Colours per pad)R695.003 in Stock.
Hahnemuhle-Pastel-Velour-260gsm-Multicolour-Pad-24x32cm30 x 40cmSingle Colour Pad (White)R695.002 in Stock.
Hahnemuhle-Pastel-Velour-260gsm-Multicolour-Pad-24x32cm36 x 48cmMulticolour Pad (10 Colours per pad)R799.002 in Stock.
Hahnemuhle-Pastel-Velour-260gsm-Multicolour-Pad-24x32cm36 x 48cmSingle Colour Pad (White)R799.002 in Stock.

This Premium Velour paper from Hahnemühle is acid-free and archival. The velour paper surface is produced using inert synthetic fibres on an acid-free backing sheet which prevents yellowing. The synthetic fibres give the surface a velvety feel which has sufficient tooth to hold soft pastel, as well as oil pastel, willow charcoal, compressed charcoal, Conte crayons, sanguine or soft pencils. Velour paper is specifically recommended for soft pastels as the longer surface fibres compliments soft edge work. Velour is very popular with portrait and animal portrait artists. This paper is also suitable for gouache. The surface does not shed or develop loose particles when drawing and is uniform for crisp, responsive strokes. The fibre colour is lightfast & age-resistant, making it resistant to fading.

This sensational, quality artist paper has shown its versatility by performing beautifully when layering pastel pigments, using wet in wet techniques and mixed media work.

Hahnemühle Pastel Velour paper is produced in Germany.



In this video, Antonio Valiente demonstrates how well the Luminance 6901 pencils of  Cara d’Ache perform on the 260gsm Velour Pastel Paper in black.







50 Shapes of Pastel: Pastel Surfaces (Part 2)


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