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Van Gogh is a brand for the modern artist with an eye for quality. The Van Gogh soft pastels have a strikingly high colour transfer. These creamy, artists’ pastels have outstanding warmth and colour strength. It is possible to work cleanly as the pastels give off little dust. Due to the hard structure, the pastel is ideal for drawing portraits and landscapes and yet they are extremely soft and blendable in their application. The square form is highly suited for detailed work (by using the point) as well as for colouring large areas (by holding the pastel flat). The colours can be used directly, built up in coloured layers, blended with a cloth, or diluted with mineral spirits to create rich, transparent washes or can also be used with water for watercolour effects.  They can also be used in combination with other dry or wet media to produce myriad effects.

Product features:

  • Pure and brilliant colours.
  • Made with pure pigments for overall excellent lightfastness.
  • Suitable for delicate work as well as for large and expressive use.
  • Less likely to crumble thanks to the balanced combination of kaolin and pigment.
  • Do not contain any pigments based on the metals lead, cadmium or cobalt.
  • Suitable for all grounds that have a sufficient surface structure (such as paper, cardboard, stone, asphalt and wood).
  • Available in sets of 12 & 24.


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Contents of the 12 soft pastels box: White (100,5); Deep Yellow (202,5); Lemon Yellow (205,5); Yellow Ochre (227,5); Madder Deep (331,3); Permanent Red Medium (372,5); Burnt Umber (409,5); Ultramarine Deep (506,5); Red Violet (545,5); Phthalo Blue (570,7); Permanent Green Deep (619,5); Black( 700,5).


Contents of the 24 soft pastels box: White (100,5); Light Yellow (201,5); Deep Yellow (202,5); Lemon Yellow (205,8); Yellow Ochre (227,5); Gold Ochre (231,3); Light Orange (236,5); Madder Deep (331,3); Perm Red Deep (371,8); Permanent Red Medium (372,5); Burnt Umber (409,5); Burnt Sienna (411,5); Ultramarine Light (505,9); Ultramarine Deep (506,5); Prussian Blue (508,5); Turquoise Blue (522,5); Red Violet (545,5); Blue Violet (548,5); Phthalo Blue (570,7); Permanent Green Deep (619,5); Olive Green (620,5); Permanent Yellow Green (633,5); Black (700,5);  Grey (704,7).

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Set of 12, Set of 24


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