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The Professional Watercolour Sable brush range has been created using Winsor & Newton brush-making expertise and working with professional artists. Each brush is hand-made with high-quality Kolinsky sable hair and a unique sculpted handle with a matt finish for the ultimate comfort. This range includes the most popular and useful brush shapes for watercolour painting:

A traditional Round shape is ideal for use when accuracy and detail are required (eg. fine detail, lines), as well as glazing. Pointed Round is an adaptation of the round, the extra-fine tapered point aids accuracy and fine detail work, whilst the belly holds colour. The Rigger features an extra fine point for lines, long scroll work and detail. The One Stroke is a short, flat watercolour brush for edges and shapes or applying washes.

Product features:

  • High-quality Kolinsky sable hair.
  • Short, Birchwood handle with matt finish.
  • Seamless nickel ferrule.
  • Available head shapes: Round, Pointed Round, Rigger, One Stroke.


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Sable Brushes

Round 00, Round 0, Round 1, Round 2, Round 3, Round 4, Round 5, Round 6, Round 7, Round 8, Round 10, Round 12, Pointed Round 3, Pointed Round 4, Pointed Round 5, Pointed Round 6, Pointed Round 7, Pointed Round 8, Rigger 1, Rigger 2, Rigger 3, Rigger 4, Rigger 5, Rigger 6, One Stroke 3/8, One Stroke 1/2, One Stroke 3/4, One Stroke 1, One Stroke 1/8, One Stroke 1/4


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