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Slice and dice your way through clay creations with Mont Marte’s Polymer Clay Flexible Knife Set. Included are three flexible blades for a variety of cuts: straight, curved and zig zag. The stainless-steel sculpting blades are thin and sharp to easily glide through clay for precise, clean cuts. Plus, we’ve added safety handles on each blade to keep your hands protected while you work. Pick up these clay blades for your next sculpting, modelling or jewellery project.

Product features:

  • 3pc set of stainless steel clay cutting tools.
  • Blades: straight, curved and zigzag.
  • Easy to use on polymer, modelling and air hardening clay
  • Flexible so you can cut curves.
  • Ergonomic handles to protection and comfort.

Keep blades clean between sessions to keep them in top shape. Use dishwashing liquid and water to clean excess clay.


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