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In your essentials to begin the modelling of polymer clay, you should not forget to include a roller! The Cernit roller enables you to flatten and spread the clay to create larger and thinner sheets. You can even use it to merge several layers or colours.It is also used in various techniques, such as the inlay of cane slices or printing patterns of texture plates in your clay. It can also simply be used to make the surface smooth as the clay does not stick to the roll. The roller is very easy to clean and will quickly make itself indispensable for all your creations! It is not replaced by the pasta machine. The two tools are complementary as they can be used for different techniques. The roller is involved in certain smoothing techniques.

  • It does not stick to the clay.
  • For beginners who do not want to invest in a pasta machine, the roller is the basic tool to flatten your polymer clay.
  • Together with your pasta machine, you will be able to use more techniques (printing of a texture plate, inlay of cane slices…).
  • The stainless steel makes this roll a lot stronger and resistant than others in PVC or acrylic.
  • The stainless steel roll is to be used with polymer clay. It does not stick to the clay and keeps good adherence. Stainless steel lasts way longer than other materials such as PVC or acrylic.
  • The diameter is 2,5 cm and the total length is 21 cm.


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