Opaline Polymer Clay – Cernit


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The finish of the Cernit Opaline is slightly translucent, perfect for objects such as jewels, figurines, decorative objects and more. Combine the colours for more effects. Mix Opaline and Translucent in the same ratios to vary the transparency effect.
To create figurines, alternate Number One and Opaline for more realism. Thanks to the light transparency of the Cernit Opaline, your creations will have a ceramic-like, semi-translucent finish.


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ImageOpaline ColoursSizePriceStockQuantityAdd to Cart
Cernit-Opaline-56-g-755-apricotApricot (755)56gR57.003 in Stock.
Cernit-Opaline-56-g-223-blue-greyBlue-grey (223)56gR57.003 in Stock.
Cernit-Opaline-56-g-807-caramelCaramel (807)56gR57.001 in Stock.
Cernit-Opaline-56-g-637-celadon-greenCeladon Green (637)56gR57.002 in Stock.
Cernit-Opaline-56-g-425-fleshFlesh (425)56gR57.001 in Stock.
Cernit-Opaline-56-g-931-lilacLilac (931)56gR57.003 in Stock.
Cernit-Opaline-56-g-460-magentaMagenta (460)56gR57.001 in Stock.
Cernit-Opaline-56-g-640-mint-greenMint Green (640)56gR57.00Sorry, we're Out of Stock!
Out of Stock
Cernit-Opaline-56-g-475-pinkPink (475)56gR57.00Sorry, we're Out of Stock!
Out of Stock
Cernit-Opaline-56-g-261-primary-bluePrimary Blue (261)56gR57.002 in Stock.
Cernit-Opaline-56-g-717-primary-yellowPrimary Yellow (717)56gR57.002 in Stock.
Cernit-Opaline-56-g-815-sand-beigeSand-beige (815)56gR57.00Sorry, we're Out of Stock!
Out of Stock
Cernit-Opaline-56-g-900-violetViolet (900)56gR57.002 in Stock.
Cernit-Opaline-56-g-010-whiteWhite (010)56gR57.001 in Stock.

Colours do not leave stains on fingers or tools.
All colours of Cernit Opaline are available in 56 g.

Bake in your oven at 110°C (230-266°F) for 30 minutes. Respect time and temperatures to get the best possible result.

Opaline Colours

Apricot (755), Blue-grey (223), Caramel (807), Celadon Green (637), Flesh (425), Lilac (931), Magenta (460), Mint Green (640), Pink (475), Primary Blue (261), Primary Yellow (717), Sand-beige (815), Violet (900), White (010)



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