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Amber, Emerald, Ruby … Translucent colours give you the look of precious stones. Slightly softer than other Cernit clays, the Translucent clay is particularly appreciated for its translucency. For example, Ruby Red is perfect for creating raspberries. When baking, the colour becomes partly transparent and this gives a very realistic effect. Leave the clay as it is or lightly sand it to obtain a different smooth effect and even more transparency. Once sanded and polished, the translucent colours look like the precious stones they are named after. Sapphire, Amber …


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Place a layer of translucent white on your project with Cernit Number One to give them some clarity. Once sanded, the piece acquires a varnished look.

The range also contains a phosphorescent colour that gives originality to your pieces.

The translucent range comes in 56g.

Like all polymer clays, Cernit should not be baked at a higher temperature than our recommendations.

Preheat your oven to 110-130 ° C and bake for 30 minutes.

Translucent Colours

Amber (721), Bordeaux (411), Emerald Green (620), Glitter Gold (050), Glitter Silver (080), Glitter White (010), Lime Green (605), Orange (752), Phosphorescent (024), Ruby Red (474), Sapphire (275), Translucent (005), Turquoise Blue (280), Violet (900)



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