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For the creation of dolls with Cernit, the finish of the Doll range is ideal. Once baked, it has a natural skin-like colour.

With a palette of 7 semi-translucent colours, a porcelain finish and translucent flesh colours, the colours of the skin are perfectly imitated. Like all the colours of Cernit, Doll colours can be mixed to further expand your choice and thus create the exact shade you want.
Your dolls in Cernit Doll should not be sanded as the rough appearance of the clay is realistic


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ImageDoll Clay ColourSizePriceStockQuantityAdd to Cart
Cernit-Doll-500-g-744-almondAlmond (744)500gR419.00In Stock
Cernit-Doll-500-g-042-biscuitBiscuit (042)500gR419.002 in Stock.
Cernit-Doll-500-g-807-caramelCaramel (807)500gR419.002 in Stock.
Cernit-Doll-500-g-425-fleshFlesh (425)500gR419.002 in Stock.
Cernit-Doll-500-g-808-nougatNougat (808)500gR419.002 in Stock.
Cernit-Doll-500-g-855-sun-tanSun Tan (855)500gR419.002 in Stock.
Cernit-Doll-500-g-425-translucent-fleshTranslucent Flesh (425)500gR419.00In Stock
Cernit-Doll-500-g-010-whiteWhite (010)500gR419.00Sorry, we're Out of Stock!
Out of Stock

Once the doll is created, you will certainly want to add details with Number One, Glamour, etc. It is possible to add items as and when baking. Cernit can be baked several times without risking damage.

The Cernit Doll is packed per pieces of 500g.

Like all classic Cernit types, the Doll clay must be baked at 110-130 ° C, 30 minutes.

Doll Clay Colour

Almond (744), Biscuit (042), Caramel (807), Flesh (425), Nougat (808), Sun Tan (855), Translucent Flesh (425), White (010)



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