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Cernit metal ball tools are used for modelling and sculpting polymer clay. They can be used to make realistic flower petals, to dig a doll’s face, eye sockets, etc. The little ones will be used to create the details. Modelling with these tools rather than by hand has undeniable advantages: no fingerprints, unequalled regularity and precision! With slight pressures, you can give volume and relief to your project. Both skilled and amateurs will notice that these tools are a must.
It is not necessary to be very experienced to use these items, but the result you can get is completely professional!
Each tool has two tips of different sizes.

These tools are available with various diameter:

  • CE914: Balls of 13 and 8 mm in diameter
  • CE915: Balls of 6 and 4 mm in diameter
  • CE916: Balls of 5 and 3 mm in diameter
  • CE917: Balls of 2 and 1,5 mm diameter
  • CE918: Balls of 1 and 0,5 mm diameter


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With these many dimensions, it is possible to create a wide diversity of effects. Like all our Cernit tools, they do not stick to the clay.
The good workability of these tools is also an advantage. The triangular handle allows a good grip. Even for more delicate achievements like flowers, you can definitely trust these tools.


Why should you buy the Cernit metallic ball tools for modelling?

  • High-quality tools made to last!
  • These tools are essential for modelling.
  • The ergonomic triangle handle makes it easier to use than the competing tools.
  • Stainless steel does not stick to the clay.
  • Easy cleaning: water and dishwashing soap are enough.
  • These tools are also used for carving self-hardening clay. The use of ball tools is also widespread for cake design (or cake decorating).

Additional information

Ball Tools

1 and 0,5 mm (CE918), 2 and 1,5 mm (CE917), 5 and 3 mm (CE916), 6 and 4 mm (CE915), 13 and 8 mm (CE914)


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