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The TwinTone is a colourful double-sided marker with two tip choices –  broad bullet tip for bold lines or extra-fine tip for detailed, precise lines. Bullet tip width is 0.8mm and the extra-fine tip is 0.3mm. Perfect for colour-coding and decorating planners, journals and notebooks, the ink is water-based and dye-based and will not bleed through most papers. The durable fibre point tips are long-lasting and maintain their shape after use and the ink dries faster than gel pens. These markers are ideal for creating monoline lettering styles, faux-calligraphy or just doodling!

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Bright Colours - 12pcTombow-TwinTone-set-of-12-Brights-Colors-ws-pk-12p-1R385.00
3 in Stock.
Pastel Colours - 12pcTombow-TwinTone-set-of-12-Pastels-Colors-ws-pk-12p-2R385.00
3 in Stock.
Rainbow Colours - 12pcTombow-TwinTone-set-of-12-Rainbow-Colors-ws-pk-12p-3R385.00
3 in Stock.

12-Pack Bright

Colours Included: 50 Lime Green, 85 Emerald Green, 15 Blue, 42 Navy, 82 Grape, 22 Pink, 79 Candy Pink, 77 Cherry Pink, 76 Carrot Orange, 75 Strawberry Red, 41 Chocolate, 33 Black


12-Pack Pastel

Colours Included: 86 Mint Green, 74 Aqua, 73 Sky Blue, 83 Sax Blue, 21 Pale Purple, 81 Raspberry, 60 Princess Pink, 61 Peach Pink, 78 Coral Pink, 48 Honey Orange, 04 Chrome Yellow, 49 Gray


12-Pack Rainbow

Colours Included: 58 Pale Rose, 80 Fuchsia Pink, 19 Violet, 17 Prussian Blue, 45 French Blue, 84 Turquoise Blue, 13 Light Blue, 07 Green, 06 Yellow Green, 03 Yellow, 28 Orange, 25 Red




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