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Wood graining is a faux finishing technique that can transform nearly any surface into the warm, rich beauty of wood. From metal doors to kitchen cabinets. Once you master the technique of wood graining, the possibilities are endless. Most often, faux wood graining is created by using a tool to manipulate wet glaze or wood stain on a piece of furniture or wall. This graining tool produces beautiful heart grain wood effects. Rubber corrugation mounted on a quarter round block, the tool is great for use on a flat surface, but can be used for texturing any surface.





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How do you use it?
Step1: Prime the surface and wait for it to dry completely
Step2: Paint the top-coat
Step 3: Drag and rock the wood grain tool  through the wet top-coat to create a wood grain effect before the top-coat is dry

Rock back and forth whilst dragging slightly to create a pattern and change the drag angle slightly to scrape the natural wood grain effect. You can use more than one wood grain rocker, or simply vary the speed at which you pull and rock one wood grain rocker to produce a diversity of wood graining effects. Either way, the key to wood graining success is practising on a piece of scrap wood. Faux wood graining makes for knock-out results, but it demands that you take your time.

We suggest that you practice this technique before attempting your final project.


Standard Rocker graining tool produces beautiful heart grain wood effects. This video gives an idea of how one of the many wood graining tools can be used.

YouTube video


YouTube video


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