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Charcoal was a favoured medium with historical artists, but today we still love to use this medium. These pencils offer a more modern, flexible drawing tool, made from solid charcoal in the shape of a pencil but without the wood casing. It can be used as a conventional pencil or it can be broken into chunks and used more expressively. They can be sharpened to extremely fine points or used blunt, for bolder mark making. The woodless charcoal pencils provide extra smooth drawing to achieve dramatic and intense blacks and create beautiful blended sketches. The use of a textured paper is advised, as charcoal will grab onto the tooth of the paper, making it easier to layer.

Product features:

  • Solid charcoal pencils with no wood casing.
  • Lacquer coating – no residue on your hands.
  • Ideal for sketching and fine detail.
  • Available in soft and medium grades.


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