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Professional additives are used to permanently adjust the chemistry and character of your acrylic colour. Made without acrylic binders, these formulas are very different from the rest of the mediums family. Most mediums contain high proportions of acrylic resins, but additives do not. Instead, they offer unique changes – Flow-Aid’s water-like fluidity which makes it ideal for watercolour techniques, staining, and flow art.


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Flow Aid Additive

Liquitex Flow Aid Additive will dramatically increase the flow of your colour or mediums while minimizing brushstrokes as well as improve the absorbency and blending of colours or mediums.

  • Use with: Acrylic paints & mediums.
  • Use on: All acrylic-friendly surfaces.
  • Techniques: Flow art, Watercolor techniques, Colour washing & Staining & bleeding effects.
  • Size: 4oz/118ml



  • Lightfast & archival
  • Permanent
  • Non-yellowing
  • Flexible & non-cracking
  • Water-resistant when dry
  • Intermixable with all Liquitex materials


What it does

  • Breaks water tension to improve flow and lower viscosity.
  • Gives a smooth finish with fewer brush strokes due to reduced surface friction.
  • Increases transparency and makes the colour more absorbent and blendable.


What is the difference between Flow Aid and Pouring medium?

When you use the two different products you’ll quickly see the difference. Pouring Medium keeps a structured, high gloss consistency when mixed with colour, while Flow Aid Additive will instantly thin and increase transparency. Flow Aid breaks the surface tension of the colour and gives it a water-like feel. Pouring Medium also contains acrylic resins and so you can add as much as you like to paint without weakening it, while Flow Aid is a resin-free additive and needs to be diluted before adding to colour.




Flow Aid Additive

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