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Angelus Brushes and Accessories are ideal for Angelus Leather Acrylic Paints.  When using Angelus Brand acrylic leather paint for your custom sneaker and shoe restoration projects, you need a premium paint brush. Angelus Paint Brushes and Accessories were made for this reason.


Angelus Brushes are made from synthetic fibers and perform exceptionally well when paired with Angelus Acrylic Paints.  The numerous soft fibers allow for longer, more satisfying strokes with minimal brush strokes left behind.

The Brush Set include 5 brushes and is ideal for small details, filling, blending, base coats, rounded edges and angle shapes.  This set includes:

  • #2 Round
  • #6 Flat
  • #10 Flat
  • #6 Filbert
  • 1/2″ Angular


The Micro Detail Paint Brush Set contains the professional grade tools you need for fine detail work on any project.  Included in this set:

  • #0 Round
  • #0 Angular
  • #0 Shader
  • #0 Spotter
  • #0 Filbert


The #0 Shader Angelus Micro Detail Paint Brush is the ideal paintbrush for getting into those hard to reach areas. Never miss a spot again with the Angelus #0 Micro Detail Brush! When shading, the #2 Angular is ideal for making curved strokes. The 1/4″ Angular gives you advanced control for curved and blended strokes.  The #1 Angular Shader is perfect for making the curved strokes you need for shading. The 1/2″ Shader gives you advanced control when shading, blending, and creating coverage.  When shading, the 3/8″ Angular Shader gives you the control you need for curved strokes.  The #2 Shader and #6 Shader are professional grade brushes made for coverage and blending.  The #10 Shader is a flat brush which allows for superior control when shading and blending.

The #0 Filbert and the #2 Filbert is the perfect blend of round and flat, perfect for blending and adding texture.  The #6 Filbert Paint Brush is a highly versatile paint brush ideal for many projects.

The #0 Round, #1 Round and #2 Round is ideal for making the curved strokes you need for shading.

The 20/0 Spotter, 5/0 Spotter and #0 Spotter brushes are ideal for fine line detailing.



Create your own paint marker with these high quality refillable marker bodies. Angelus Paint Markers come empty, ready to be filled with your colour choice of Angelus Acrylic Paint mixed with Angelus 2-Thin (1:1 ratio). These markers feature a pump action valve which allows you to control the flow of the paint.  Most colours will require adjusting with 2-thin in order to flow right.

The replaceable tip is also reversible. One end features a chiseled tip, great for creating shapes and lines. While the other end features a rounded tip, perfect for small details or line work.  Angelus Empty Paint Markers are available in 3.0mm and 5.0mm.

Note: These Empty Markers  does not work with metallics or neons but will also work well with Angelus Dyes.



If you’re tired of your paint brushes rolling off the table then the Angelus Brush Holder is just for you! It’s perfect for leaning your paint brushes against while not in use. Protect the delicate bristles on your brushes from contact with hard surfaces and protect your art desk from unwanted marks and stains.

Product Features:

  • Holds up to 4 Paint Brushes.
  • Prevents paint brushes from rolling.
  • Protects the bristles when not in use.
  • Helps to keep your desk clean & organized.


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