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Speedball manufactures a nib that is precisely crafted to suit your needs. Utilizing the same historically proven processes specifically catered to each nib’s design, Speedball takes painstaking measures to ensure that each of their nibs meets even the most discerning standards.


Available Pen Nib Sets:

  • A4/A5 Broad Edge Square.
  • B5/B6 Broad Edge Square.
  • C2/C3 Broad Edge Square.
  • C4/C5 Broad Edge Flat
  • 22B/56 Flexible.
  • 99/101 Flexible.
  • 102/107 Flexible.
  • 512/513EF Flexible.


Available Single Pen Nibs:

  • A1 (3.175mm) Square Edge Nib.
  • A2 (2.3mm) Square Edge Nib.
  • A3 (1.828mm) Square Edge Nib.
  • A4 (1.143mm) Square Edge Nib.
  • A5 (4.527mm) Square Edge Nib.
  • B0 (5.842mm) Broad Edge Nib.
  • B 1/2 (4.318mm) Broad Edge Nib.
  • B1 (2.946mm) Broad Edge Nib.
  • B2 (2.54mm) Broad Edge Nib.
  • B3 (2.134mm) Broad Edge Nib.
  • B4 (1.676mm) Broad Edge Nib.
  • B5 (1.372mm) Broad Edge Nib.
  • C0 (4.623mm) Broad Edge Nib.
  • C1  (3.251mm) Broad Edge Nib.
  • C2 (2.718mm) Broad Edge Nib.
  • C3 (1.727mm) Broad Edge Nib.
  • LC3 (1.727mm) Broad Edge Nib – Left Hand.
  • C4 (1.27mm) Broad Edge Nib.
  • #101 Imperial Artist Nib.
  • #102 Crow Quill Nib.
  • #22B Extra Fine Nib.
  • #56 Standard School Nib.
  • #512 Bowl Pointed Nib.
  • #513 EF-Globe Nib.


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Available Options:

The A-Series nib is ideal for any Gothic or Monoline lettering style that has lines of uniform width with a squared finish. Suitable for use with any straight/classic style penholder.

The B-Series is perfect for creating a variety of monoline lettering, drawn letters (e.g. Versals) and “built-up” letters, such as the Double Stroke Poster Roman.  Suitable for use with any straight/classic style penholder.

The C-Series design or left-handed C-Series variation are suitable for use with any straight/classic style penholder.

#22B Extra Fine:  Featuring a bronze finish and medium stiffness, the #22B is suitable for Copperplate and Spencerian scripts, ornamental work and ruling.

#56 Standard School: Possessing a stiff action, this nib is steady and durable, making it a perfect tool for beginners.

#99 Drawing: This extremely flexible nib features an extra-fine point and is capable of producing thick swells with minimal pressure.  Perfect for artists with a light touch working on smooth papers.

The #22B, #56 and #99 nibs may all be used with either a straight/classic style or oblique penholder.

#101 Imperial Artist:  Perfect for use to create Copperplate or Spencerian scripts, the #101 is durable and steady.  Ideal for expert and student scribes alike, the #101 is great for larger-scale lettering projects.

the #101  nibs may be used with either a straight/classic style or oblique penholder.

#102 Crowquill:  The #102 is super fine and flexible.

#107 Hawk Quill:  Stiffer than the #102, the #107 features a super fine point and is highly durable.  Best for creating long, even lines and cross-hatching details. These nibs are only suitable for use with a crow quill holder.

#512 Bowl-Pointed:  Fine pen is best for ruling and lettering applications.

#513EF:  This extra-fine pen is ideal for industrial arts.

The #512 and #513 nibs may be used with either a straight/classic style or oblique penholder.


A4/A5 Broad Edge Square, B5/B6 Broad Edge Square, C2/C3 Broad Edge Square, 22B/56 Flexible, 99/101 Flexible, 102/107 Flexible, 512/513EF Flexible, A1 Square Edge, A2 Square Edge, A3 Square Edge, A4 Square Edge, A5 Square Edge, B0 Broad Edge, B1 Broad Edge, B2 Broad Edge, B3 Broad Edge, B4 Broad Edge, B5 Broad Edge, B1/2 Broad Edge, C0 Broad Edge, C1 Broad Edge, C2 Broad Edge, C3 Broad Edge, C4 Broad Edge, LC3 Broad Edge (LH), #101 Imperial Artist, #102 Crow Quill, #22B Extra Fine, #56 Standard School, #512 Bowl Pointed, #513 EF-Globe, C4/C5 Broad Edge Flat


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