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From inks, modifiers and fluids to squeegees & frames, Speedball leads the industry in creating products that combine superior performance with value. Whether you’re just starting out with the Basic Starter Set of 4 or the Intermediate Kit, Speedball is the only resource you need to find all things screen printing.

For artists ready to tackle both the Drawing Fluid/Screen Filler and the Photo Emulsion methods of screen printing to print on fabric or paper, both sets are an excellent find!


1. The Speedball Starter Set of 4:

  • (4) 118.2ml Jars of Speedball Fabric Screen Printing Ink: Yellow, Red, Blue & Black.


2. The Speedball Intermediate Kit:

  • (1) 25.4 x 35.56cm Speedball Wooden Screen Frame;
  • (1) Red Baron™ Squeegee;
  • (2) 118.2ml Jars of Speedball Fabric Screen Printing Ink (one each Black, Red);
  • (1) Bottle of Drawing Fluid;
  • (1) Bottle of Screen Filler;
  • (1) Bottle of Speedball Diazo Photo Emulsion;
  • (1) Bottle of Speedball Sensitizer;
  • (1) Bottle of Speedball Photo Emulsion Remover;
  • (1) Bottle of Speedball Speed Clean™;
  • (1) Round Brush;
  • (2) Craft Sticks;
  • (1) Speedball Screen Printing Instruction Guide.


3. Speedball Screen Printing Kit :

New to screen printing? Pick up the Speed Screens Kit for the most affordable way to get all the materials necessary to print your next masterpiece! Speedball’s Speed Screens Kit includes the following:

• (1) 8×10 Wood Frame.
• (1) 30W LED Lamp.
• (1) 4oz Speeball Fabric Screen Printing Ink (Black).
• (1) Craft Stick.
• (1) White Cord.
• (1) Red Baron™ Squeegee.
• (3) Speed Screens.
• (1) Sheet of Black Paper.
• (3) Transparency Sheets.
• (1) User Guide/Instructions.

4. Craft Vinyl Kit:

It’s time to grab those vinyl cutters and get ready to PRINT!  Speedball is thrilled to announce that they have partnered with vinyl crafter and DIY screen printing extraordinaire, Jennifer Sanderson of Pigskins & Pigtails, to develop the first all-in-one kit perfect for anyone wanting to use their vinyl stencils to create an endless range of personalized fashion, craft and home décor projects. Speedball’s Beginner Screen Printing Craft Vinyl Kit includes the following:

• (1) Red Baron™ Squeegee.
• (1) 10×14 Wood Frame & Mesh.
• (1) 4oz Fabric Screen Printing Ink (Black).
• (3) Craft Vinyl Sheets.
• (3) Transfer Tape Sheets.
• (1) Sheet, Parchment Paper.
• (1) Craft Stick.
• (1) Set of step-by-step instructions.

5. Speedball Screen Printing Kit – 3 Pack:

  • (3) Speed Screens
  • (3) Transparency Sheets
  • 8×10 Wood Frame
  • (1) 30W LED Lamp
  • (1) 4oz Speeball Fabric Screen Printing Ink (Black)
  • (1) Craft Stick
  • (1) White Cord
  • (1) Red Baron™ Squeegee
  • (1) Sheet of Black Paper
  • (1) User Guide/Instructions


View Speed Screens User Manual

View our Speedball Fabric Screen Printing Single Inks

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Reclaiming your screen:If you would like to re-use your screen for additional images, do not leave photo emulsion sitting in your screen. You will need to fully remove the current photo emulsion on your screen before you can reuse the screen. The sooner you remove the photo emulsion, the easier it will be. Photo emulsion left on a screen over time can become permanent.

• Wash all ink from your screen. Photo emulsion can be removed with Speedball Emulsion Remover. (It is natural for some red and black inks to leave a stain on a screen. This will not affect the print ability of your screen.)
• Let your screen dry completely.
• Apply Emulsion Remover to both sides of the screen with a spray bottle or pour directly on the screen. Let sit and soak for 2-3 minutes.
• Scrub both sides thoroughly with a soft bristle brush in all directions until you see the emulsion begin to dissolve or fall away (1-3 minutes.) Let sit for an additional 3 minutes.
• Use a hose with a spray nozzle attachment to spray out the softened emulsion. The more powerful the hose attachment, the easier the photo emulsion will wash out. You can only get one shot at this because if all the emulsion does not rinse out it will become permanent in the screen.
• Wash your screen once again and let dry.


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