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Lyra Rembrandt Polycrayons are a professional range of sketching crayons. Made in Germany, they are of exceptional quality. Lyra Polycrayons are square-shaped pastels with a high pigment concentration and they can be mixed and blended and will retain their intensity and high light resistance. Each set contains 12 pastels in varying shades of black, from grey to white or varying shades of brown. Use the edges for drawing small details and the flat side of the crayon is perfect for large fields of colour.  With high covering power, the colours apply easily and are perfect for a smudging technique. Beautifully and securely packaged in a box.

Format: Pack of 12 pieces


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Lyra Hard Pastel Grey and Brown Tones Sets


Lyra pencils can trace their origins back to the original Nuremberg factory established in 1806. That is over 200 years of the highest German excellence.

Every Lyra product is subject to the strictest quality controls, applied both to raw materials and their sources, as well as to the processes used. In the finest German Bauhaus traditional, the form, function and beauty of these crayons are unparalleled.


Brown Tones, Grey Tones



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