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A bestseller worldwide, refillable, ergonomic, ultra-blendable and made with the highest grade of expertly formulated alcohol and dye-based inks. Compatible with the Copic Airbrush Set. A popular working tool in many fields of design, illustration and fine art.

The Super Brush is ideal for shading and blending while the Medium Broad allows for large coverage and various marks. Particularly suitable for colouring or drawings, photocopies and laser prints since it is alcohol ink and dries quickly. The Sketch marker has an exclusive optional Fine nib which allows you to gain a different mark than the standard Super Brush.

Copic Sketch Empty Marker allows you to mix colours or expand your collection by using the refill ink to fill them up. With 358 beautiful colours, you can mix and match to your heart’s content! The caps feature colour codes for easy navigation and to help plan the perfect blends and colour schemes.

Nibs are simply removed with tweezers for refilling or exchange. A couple of drops from the refill ink bottle are enough to refill the marker colour-identically. Tip: If closed properly, Copic markers do not dry out when not in use


COPIC Sketch Marker Sets 7 Colours -2 Sets:

COPIC Sketch Markers – Vibrant Tones Trial Set

A set of brightly coloured shades, ideal for practising blending and expanding the range of expression through colour layering. This set is ideal for exploring natural graduations and blending techniques. Include 7 Copic Sketch Markers. Colours Included: Begonia (RV3), Prawn (R24), Lightning Yellow (Y18), Anise (YG21), Meadow Green (G03), Jasper (BG57), Neutral Gray No.8 (N-8).

COPIC Sketch Markers – Airy Tones Trial Set

A set of sheer and delicate shades, ideal for seamless gradations and translucent effects or as an addition to other sets. This set is ideal for exploring the depiction of light. The shades remain clean and bright when mixed. Includes 7 Copic Sketch Markers. Colours Included: Pale Thistle (BV0000), Evening Primrose (RV0000), Pale Chiffon (YR0000), Yellow Fluorite (Y0000), Crystal Opal (G0000), Pale Celestine (B0000), Cool Gray No.00 (C-00).


COPIC Sketch Marker Set 12 Colours – 3 Sets: Basic, Cool Grey and Warm Grey (See the long description for more information and a colour chart).

 COPIC Sketch Marker Set 12 Colour Basic

A starter set including essential basic shades and vibrant primary colours.
For portrait and comic illustration we recommend adding a few portrait colour tones.

COPIC Sketch Marker Set 12 Colour Cool Grey

A wide selection of Cool Gray shades with a hint of blue for a cold and crisp effect.
Recommended for depicting a metal effect.

COPIC Sketch Marker Sets 12 Colour Warm Grey

A wide selection of Warm Gray shades with a hint of brown for a natural and warm result.

  • Please take note on the colour chart that the Copic Sets of 12 Ex 1 to 6, are currently not stocked. 


COPIC Sketch Marker Set 24 Colours – 1 Set: Manga Illustrations (See the long description for more information and a colour chart).

The Basic 24 colour set is a combination of Basic 12 Colour Set A and B. The ideal starter set for comic illustrations combines vibrant colours with matching blending shades and a selection of portrait colour tones. The included pale colours, a unique feature of Copic, will allow for gradation and blending techniques with professional results.


COPIC Sketch Marker Set 36 Colours – 1Set (See the long description for more information and a colour chart).

The Basic 36 colour set is a combination of Basic 12 Colour Set A, B and C.


COPIC Sketch Marker Sets 72 Colours – 4 Sets: Set A, Set C, Set D, Set E (See the long description for more information and a colour chart).

The full range of 358 colours of Copic Sketch will be completed with a combination of the 72pc colour sets A, C, D and E (Note: The colour E00 & 100 will be duplicated. Set B, D & E is discontinued).


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Colour Disclaimer. Actual colours may vary since every computer monitor has a different capability to display colours and everyone sees these colours differently. We cannot guarantee that the colour you see accurately portrays the true colour of the product.

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Copic-Sketch-Marker-Chrome-Orange-YR04 • 358 Colours
• Alcohol dye ink
• Super brush & medium broad
• Oval body
• Application area: B4 size 3.7 sheets
• Nib exchange possible
• Ink replenishment possible
• Custom colour can be created
• Compatible with airbrush

The COPIC Sketch Super Brush nib acts like a paintbrush both in feel and colour application. For more control, use the Medium Broad nib on the opposite end of the marker, or replace a tip with the Medium Round nib for writing.

The Copic sketch marker is designed with an oval body profile to be roll resistant on working surfaces. The solid polypropylene body is both smooth and comfortable, for a perfect, controllable grip.

A precise and positive coloured capping system provides for instant colour selection. With a brilliant and beautiful range of 358 colours, you are sure to find all of the colours to fit your needs!

Copic markers are highly blendable, low odour, alcohol-based ink markers and generally regarded as the best in the world. Copic markers apply smoothly and mix on the surface of the paper to deliver the beautiful blends these markers are renowned for. Highly durable, all the marker ranges (which include Copic Ciao, Copic Sketch, Copic Classic and Copic Wide) are refillable and feature replaceable nibs, no need to continually replace your marker!

Some inside information – Copic has an Airbrush System which you should add to your wish list!  The innovative Copic Airbrush System (ABS) allows you to colour on a wide variety of surfaces and textures. Easy to operate, simply snap a marker into the system and you are ready to go!

Copic 12-24-36 Sketch Sets Colours and set information




Sketch 72 Set A, Sketch 72 Set C, Sketch 72 Set D, Sketch 72 Set E, Sketch 36 Set, Sketch 24 Set Manga, Sketch 12 Set Basic, Sketch 12 Set Cool Greys, Sketch 12 Set Warm Greys, Sketch 7 Set Vibrant Tones, Sketch 7 Set Airy Tones


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