Empty Watercolor Half Pans & Full Pans – Mungyo


Empty watercolour pans are perfect for organizing your palette. These little pans are made from ABS resin known for its strong impact and chemical resistance. Storing your precious paint in it will have no adverse effect. This is ideal for creating your own watercolour cakes and mixing and matching colour palettes to your hearts content!

Use these empty pans in the Mungyo empty half pan tin with 12 empty slots, a thumb ring for easy grip and a folding palette panel. Available for artists in need of a small compact holder for painting on the go. The inside of the lid can also be used to mix colours. Perfect for Plein-air painting,  traveling, or even studio use.

Pan Sizes:

  • Half Pans – 16 x 20 x 10mm
  • Full Pans – 32 × 19 × 9mm

How to use:

  1. Simply fill the pans with your favourite tube watercolours, let them dry and then re-wet them when you’re ready to paint.
  2. Use colours straight from the tube or mix up your own custom shades.


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Available Options:

Masking Fluid – Friend or Foe




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