Types of White Paint and How to Use Them

Is white paint the most important colour on an artist’s palette?  This hue finds it way into most, if not all, colours in a painting.  Artists often argue the merits of one type of white paint over another.  Whatever the case white paint certainly is a significant part of our painting materials.  But did you know how many types of white are available?  Not to mention how to use them all.

Break the Rules: Rule of Thirds

You have probably already heard of the rule of thirds before.  If not, you may have wondered why cameras (including your phone camera) often have visual guides that divide the image into thirds.  These dividing lines run horizontally and vertically creating a grid made up of nine even blocks.

Non-Photo Blue is the New Black

This often-neglected aspect is a key step to creating a strong foundation to build your masterpiece on.  Every art form and artist has their own approach to initial planning, so we thought we’d demystify one of our favourite tools for sketching and pencilling comics and illustrations – the non-photo (or non-reproduction) blue pencil.

5 Tips To Instantly Improve Your Realism

Have you ever walked past a painting or drawing that just seemed so lifelike that you felt like reaching out and touching the rich colour to see if the texture your eyes could see, would be there for your fingers to feel?  There is always more to learn, but I would like to share some of my own experience with you today.  While I specialise in animals and birds, this is also applicable to botanicals and portraits and many other subjects.