PanPastel: Minimum Pans to Maximum Results

By Anschen Friedrichs

With the large variety of gorgeous PanPastel pans available, it could seem a bit overwhelming, and pricy, when one just wants to try out a few out at first. 

Instead of purchasing all four variations (tint, pure colour, shade and extra dark) of each colour, you can obtain the same results by purchasing a pure colour, together with the Black (800.5) and White (100.5) pan.

In this example, I have used the pure colour Phthalo Green (620.5).

panpasel-blog-pans-artsavingsclubPanPastel Phthalo Green Tint, Shade & Extra Dark Pan Composition

By mixing White (100.5) together with the pure Phthalo Green (620.5), a tint is obtained (to purchase the already mixed tint Phthalo colour, look for 620.8).

To achieve Phthalo Green Shade (620.3) as end result, just add a bit of Black (800.5) to your pure colour.

For Extra Dark Phthalo Green (620.1), just add more Black (800.5) to the pure colour.

panpasel-blog-pans-2-artsavingsclubPanPastel Phthalo Green Tint, Shade & Extra Dark Pan Composition

PanPastel is a very easy, very forgiving and professional quality product.  It allows for easy mixing (almost like you would mix with paint). You can mix on the side on typing paper before applying to your artwork or you can mix straight out of the pans. 

Alternatively, you can use one of the larger Sofft sponges to mix on and transfer with a Sofft tool to your painting.

panpasel-blog-pans-3-artsavingsclubPanPastel Colour mixed on Sofft Sponge

When a limited palette pure colours are purchased, along with Black (800.5) and White (100.5), you will be amazed with what you can achieve painting wise! 

I have done quite a number of paintings since acquiring my PanPastels some time ago, yet, even the pans I often use look hardly touched. 

The colours are vibrant and beautiful! They go very far.

Warning: PanPastels are addictive! ☺


Anschen Friedrichs is a South African visual artist, creative entrepreneur and business owner. Based in Cape Town, her studio overlooks glorious Table Mountain, from where she draws inspiration, finding beauty in everyday life. This amazing, talented artist is intrigued by the relationship between light, shadows and colour in art. She aspires to accurately capture the delicacy of flowers, the details so often overlooked by busy world travelers, and their breathtaking beauty.

“This professional quality, uniquely packaged pastels’ ability to be applied like paint has given me ‘permission’ to work faster and a little looser. I am excited for the journey ahead!” – Anschen.

Thank you, Anschen, for sharing your love of- and experience in this unique medium!